What a Friend We Have in Jesus

My 1:00 am arrival in Tuzla took more out of me than I realized. I easily slept until 10:45 and even then was not all that eager to rouse myself from hibernation. The children were not arriving until 4:30 so CARE EE had plenty of time to make up the gift bags and get herself made up.

I had a nice talk with Ulla and Ante, learning about what they are doing and how God is using them here in this forsaken place.

Right on time our guests began arriving. An international bunch indeed. Two missionaries (1 American, 1 Ukranian) and their children, a Roma motther and her two children, some neighborhood kids – all total 13. They were anxious to see the show!!

They had a great time seeing the magic and hearing stories. We took pictures and then decorated frames with stickers and markers. As they were leaving the oldest American girl (11) said "you know what you were saying about being friends... I don't have any friends at school – I feel different just like you."

There is a sacrifice in service.

For families who follow the leading of the Lord into the foreign mission field, many times the sacrifice is the children. Suffering through language, cultural and appearance issues, they just try to fit in.

As the girl hugged me, she said "I know Jesus is my friend, but I'm glad you're my friend too."

My sacrifice of service comes in spurts. I often hear "I don't know how you do it." But on days like today, knowing I've been offered the privilege to show a child special attention – to remind them, really we are all the same in Christ-

Well, that is a sacrifice I am always willing to make.

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