It's a Big Big World

Around and down the world! We arrived in Frankfurt with no problems but with a long long time to wait in between flights. M sat quietly in her reserved wheelchair and we all wondered how exactly we would negotiate the wheelchair, the security and all else to kill our time with.

We napped and ate in shifts, went to the bathroom in shifts and finally reluctantly gave up our benches as the time for our departure got closer. The trip has a touch or unreality to it, although I see it finally coming together after months and months of preparation.

Little sleep, personalities, SMOKERs in the EU all add up to a degree of irritation and "hurry up and get there" attitude. As our departure from Frankfurt became a cramped reality on the full plane to Jo-berg, I knew it would be a long night for us all.

We were coming in for a landing across the Kalahari Desert, and the realization of one hour in between flights, customs, passport control or no? M's wheelchair would either catapult us onto the aircraft we needed to get to or it would result in catastrophe trying to make later arrangements, phone calls, etc..

As our angels would have it, we were whisked through the right channels (we would have had a hard time figuring out on our own_ and onto a bus waiting to take us to the aircraft. Martha got the special "bus" but we all got "onboard"!

Just as the engines cranked up the captain announced there were 4 passengers to Dar es Salaam who shouldn't be on the plane - I looked back D2's eyes popped "honey, are we on the right plane?" Turns out we were and now we set forth, up above the clouds to our next stop. Perhaps this night of rest is not such a bad idea considering we haven't been in a bed in over 50 hours.

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