Clown and Crew off to Mexico

Greetings Saints and Soldiers!

I am off yet again, to do battle for the Kingdom that is soon coming. I am excited that my flight will only take a mere 3 hours and I will go to sleep and wake up in the same time zone!

Tomorrow, my co-laborers GF, KU and myself will be headed South of the Border to Mexico to work with my dear friends K and J, and their local church community to do outreach in the neighborhood among the children as well as participating in some specific local church sponsored events.

This morning I was reading in Exodus 35 on the commands to make the Wilderness Tabernacle, and all the items needed for worship, I was struck by the correlation to our upcoming adventure. Verse 22: "All who are skilled among you come and make everything the Lord has commanded." Our primary focus for this trip is to equip the local believers with evangelism training and tools as well as encouraging the community, sharing the love of Christ among the children, and exhibiting "a light has come...".

When the family first relocated to Mexico and invited me to come, I thought "there are plenty of people doing mission work in Mexico." However, within the community where they are located, the dedicated believers that have started a church for English speakers have little access to Christian mission resources, and few have training in evangelistic outreach. What they lack in training and resources they have made up for with heart!

In cooperation with their "sister" church they have started an outreach in the dump for the locals, sharing medical supplies, cutting hair, playing with the children and offering some childcare services, and most importantly showing and sharing the love of Christ.

I asked K what we could bring (you KNOW I don't believe in traveling light), and she replied, "bring anything... we really don't even know what to ask for".

On the Mount, before teaching the people gathered how they should pray, Jesus assured them " your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.." how reassuring for them, for us, for the believer's in Mexico and around the world, waiting for the answer and the provision! He knows the need - and we are happy to "travel heavy" and "pack to the max" to get it there.

Our biggest concern is Customs! We might look like touristas but we will be carrying in the maximum baggage allowance (a bit strange for a week trip) filled with Spanish Bibles, Bilingual Bibles, children's crafts, games and gifts. Pray we make it through with no problemas! How exciting to be physically carrying the Good News, and planting seeds for a southern harvest!

Our Father is still in Heaven
His name is still above every name - although no Presidential Ballot lists Him
His Kingdom is coming
His will is being done, by the faithful who are spreading the Good News
Heaven is rejoicing and the angels are sent before us preparing our way (they Habla Espanol)
Today, we need your provision, our daily bread is the Word of the Living God
We have forgiven, so we can enter into the work you have set before us
We do not want to be tempted by the concerns of the world
We want to experience and exhibit the Life of deliverance!

He is our King
He is our Power
He is our Glory
Forever and ever!

Until He comes in the clouds - I'm back in the clouds!
In His service

To participate in the southern harvest, financial donations can be made online through the website:

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