The Journey Begins

Good morning ready soldiers!

We are all about to take an afternoon nap after a delicious lunch topped off with the sweetest pineapple any of us have ever tasted.

Already (even without the pineapple) we have tasted and seen the goodness of our God.

We got an early start off to the airport escorted by our blessed friend Ms Hyera - her kindness and hospitality are true testimony of the "oneness" experienced by believer's around the world. During our short flight from the capital to Mwanza we saw some British men rush to one side of the plane with their cameras. I asked what they were doing and with the unmistakable accent and enthusiasm of mountaineers they replied "it's the top of Kilimanjaro!".

Breathtaking to see the summit rising to a level breaking through the clouds at 35,000 feet.

We were greeted warmly by our dear sister Sabina and the leader here in Mwanza Mama Shangwe. We decided it was okay to call her Mama too as she ranks the eldest in our group. We now are all referred to as DaDa (sister). We had a short tour of the Diocese offices and made our way through town past Lake Victoria. We are staying at the diocese compound which will be our home until Monday when we leave for the village.

Our schedule has been modified but will give us a day of rest to prepare for all the Lord has in store.

Keep praying for hearts to be opened to the Spirit who has gone before preparing the way.

Outside the roosters are crowing - but it may be just dinner ?! I will share more later as we have satellites circling keeping YOU in the loop, and the troops ready for action.

Good morning smiling

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