Gaius and Other Good Friends

"The Pastor, to my good friend Gaius..." 3 John 1

When I come across the same reference to something or someone in the Bible in the span of a few short days, I take notice and note. The third letter of the Apostle John begins by addressing a particular individual by name, Gaius (and I thought I had a strange name). Even though this letter is personalized, the greeting and prayer apply to us today.

Perhaps when you read the subject title you thought, "Who the heck is Gaius?" And though I've studied and read "Gaius" many times when passing through 3 John, I thought "Gaius, who ARE you?"

This past Sunday, the sermon was focused on Gaius. And today, the notes concerning the passage I was reading in 1 Kings about Solomon referenced, you guessed it - Gaius!

John greeted his friend with a prayer. A prayer for good fortune in everything he did, for health, that his everyday affairs prosper, as well as his soul." I want that answered for myself and for you - MY good friends! Next week I begin a month long adventure with a few days in between. First, I set off for West Texas to drive the support vehicle for my oldest son's fundraiser (Road Warrior for Real Warriors*) to raise money and awareness for the Joni and Friends Wounded Warrior project at the end of the month.

I get back on Saturday the 9th and leave for Mexico on Monday the 11th. I am returning to the same area (Chiapas) to work with the East West missionaries in children's outreach programs and training the nationals.

Less than a week after that, I'll be headed down to San Antonio for my ninth Wounded Warrior Getaway. Good friends (none of whom are named Gaius), John said,

"You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the Name..." 3 John 6-7

These are tough times. Ministry financial giving is at an all-time low. This is true for non-profits across the nation, not just our ministry. I understand the "need," but I remain committed to the cause. For the sake of the Gospel, I continue to go and share the good news. For the sake of the Name, I have tightened the financial belt, and understand that eternal security is "priceless."

"Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the Truth." 3 John 8

Your support is vital to the mission and makes you (like Gaius) a fellow worker for the Truth. Your support gets the Word out "while there is still time."

I watched in horror with the rest of the world, as the tsunami wave swept away everything in its path in Japan. The most prepared nation in the world for earthquakes could never have prepared adequately for what happened. CNN reports during the catastrophe stated 90% of Japanese are Shinto Buddhists. There were even reports of "how their faith" will help during this crisis.

We understand the Truth, and His plan is for all peoples on earth to hear the Good News. The end came unexpectedly for the people caught up in the devastating natural disaster. Jesus gave us the Great Commission because He wants the world to know His love, He wants no one to be caught unaware (2 Peter 3:8-9).

I don't have any friends named Gaius, I am sure you don't either. But we DO have a friend named Jesus, and He is praying on our behalf, that we have good fortune, health, and for our soul to prosper in every way!

On the road again

"I've named you friends..." John 15:15

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