A Bucket and a Bar

...of soap that is!

After a grueling 13 hours heading south on the Great Northern Road (from Cape Coast to Cairo), my body is no longer in motion. I definitely felt like a young child on my birthday determined by the number of times I inquired, "Are we there yet?"

We have stopped for the night at the Lutheran campus. We (the Lumwes and I) have been joined by a German missionary who will also teach at the conference. It's a good thing she is fluent in Kisswahili, for we were dropped off quickly as the Lumwes had a funeral to attend.

We scoped out no less than six different rooms (seems there was something miscommunicated on our arrival and needs). I was one screen door away from shouting an un-Christlike "just give me a bucket and a bar of soap and -I'll be good for the six hours we're staying here!"

Saved by the smell of frangipanni or tuberose but none the less saved.

So I offer an exhausted "shout out" of thanks for the well-wishes on my birthday. I can't say it's the "best day ever" but I can definitely exclaim I am in my favorite place on earth. You can't beat that with a stick OR a candle.

The mosquitoes are buzzing around my ears, there's an animal outside making sounds between laughter and a whoopie cushion, and dog-tired doesn't begin to describe my state of exhaustion.

We may or may not eat something, we may or may not have hot water to rinse off, but hey...

I'm a birthday girl, Queen for more than just today.

And that's enough to make me smile
In His service
On the road again tomorrow (FOR

The Queen of Quite a Lot

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