A Long Days Journey into Night and Day

Praise God for Gate Agents and upgrades! After careful weighing and re-weighing and re-packing and re-adjusting - we just gave up, made the decision we were traveling as heavy as would allow (two 70lb bags and four 50 lbs plus our hand luggage). Weighty yes, but we knew what we were taking in would help sow seeds of Kingdom significance.
DFW-FRA passed quickly and we woke from our in flight nap somewhat refreshed. We had time in Germany to ask every friendly gate or ticket or lounge agent we could, about our possibilities for the upgrade we had requested. Finally, at the last boarding call we got lucky - and what luck it was. Although it is hardly worth the expense it was quite the treat to stretch out in comfort, eat heartily and have our choice of movie pleasures.

We arrived safe and sound a bit weary but... ready for all that lies ahead. W. (Pastor P's nephew) was waiting as we walked out of the terminal all 300 lbs of luggage and all. We went to the same hotel he had stayed at in November, in bed by 3:00 am and by 8:00 am Pastor P and A came knocking. We were still asleep, but got up and got showered and ready for the day and our trip on to Hubli.

Pastor P arranged for W to carry our largest luggage with him by bus. We felt bad - but it resulted in no extra luggage charges on our domestic flight. Safe passage, good in flight meal and little turbulence. Our dinner at P's was delicious, delightful and ready to get us set for our first program. Now back to the hotel and set for rest.

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