Night Sky

"they returned again with joy... and He said I saw Satan fall like lightening..." Luke 10:17-18

We had a full day with the children at the orphanage. During my first visit in November the children were shy and reserved - this time I was a friend returning from a foreign land to bring good tidings, fun stories and of course gifts!

Our 90% off Pom Pom craft was 90% disaster! The glue wasn't sticking, the children weren't patient and cries of "Auntie, Auntie, Auntie" echoed throughout the room. Unfortunately V didn't realize Auntie was the typical customary address for elders in India and failed to respond to their cries. We laughed about it and closed the session having a good time in spite of our failed project.

We made our way back to the hotel, and after a short rest we set off in a cloud-filled sky toward our first night village meeting. The smell of rain filled the air and we wondered what would happen should the showers begin before we got underway. As we turned on the final dirt road leading to the village the sprinkles on the windshield fell in full force and as we got out of the car it was no doubt - raining. The missionary of the village and other believers were taking shelter under the mango tree in front of the house where we stopped.

Pastor P suggested we head up the stairs toward the rooftop of the building and have our meeting in the two small second story rooms. We crowded in with the children, vying to be on the front, and as many adults as possible towards the back of the 8x8 room with more hovering around the door.

Just as we were semi-settled, the rain stopped and we rearranged ourselves back out onto the balcony. In the distance, the city lights of Hubli twinkled, closer in smoke rose from the fires preparing the evening meals and the night sky flickered with lighting in the heavens.

Satan was going down! The villagers sang praise songs led by the missionary and church workers, and we picked up on the interspersed "Hallelujahs" and "Jesu" words easily understood across the world.

A cool breeze from the storm passed kept us comfortable in the midst of our surrounding crowd. I began with the unequal ropes, the Holy Bible and finished with the Rainbow Bag. V shared her testimony and we finished with A's heartfelt and impassioned prayer for the group gathered. We prayed well into the night, blessing those who had come to "see". Toward the end of our time a young woman approached me and said in English, "I want what you have, the love and forgiveness of Jesus, I have sinned, I need Him."

I prayed with her, for her, and communicated her repentance of sin guaranteed her eternity and salvation.

"I saw Satan fall like lightening..."

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