The Flip Side

"...go ye therefore to the ends of the earth and make disciples of all nations..."

I am just waking up from my morning nap - and preparing to take the 3 hour car trip up to Nellore. My Blackberry still reads Texas time and I know my friends and family there are asleep (it is almost 1:00 am).

When I was a child I would see cartoons with various characters digging holes that would wind them up in China. From where I live (if it was possible in the cartoon world) I would have wound up in India directly half way around the world.

I could not have imagined digging my way here anymore than I could have imagined sharing the Gospel here. God has His plans and His hand upon our lives from birth - that's why I though to call this the "flip side".

God, the Master chef watching the batter of your life bubble until you are ready to be "flipped". Ready to have the sweet syrup of His Spirit poured over you so that someone else may "taste and see that the Lord is good".

There are a billion hungry souls here waiting to have a taste of the true and living God.

Tomorrow our programs begin in the villages. Pray for the harvest where faithful village Pastors have been preparing the fields. Pray for the Gospel to be presented boldly and a full understanding by the children.

Pray for my continued adjustment to the time zone. Pray for health and stamina. Pray for an ease in the 100+ heat. Pray for safety and protection as we plan to storm the long held strongholds. Pray with a smile on - they served pancakes here along with curry this morning.

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