The Weight of the Wait

"For God is not slow as some would count but long suffering so that none should perish"

When we left Dallas a week ago, we had a schedule, a plan in place, presentations prepared, we were ready. And while starting the Women's conference the day after we arrived seemed like a huge challenge we were grateful we would have an opportunity to "practice" before the critical time came in the village.

God had a different schedule.

We had a few restful days, official greetings of the Diocese, a visit to the Sukoma (the tribe of the village) cultural heritage museum and a two hour presentation at the church yesterday.

Today we made the 7+ hour drive to Shinyanga region. Considering we are in Africa I can report for the most part of our 400km journey the road was good. There were short stretches where floods had washed out parts of the pavement but that is nothing in comparison to some of the highways and byways I have traveled. And here over 200 miles from anything resembling a city, somewhere flying overhead far above what the naked eye can see is a satellite transmitting this message.

I don't understand it. But there is so much more that I don't understand about the unseen that is all around us! We have been introduced like dignitaries to the various officials in the region - and yet when it comes time to make my team introductions I am quite clear - we are not here as a denomination, or a country, or people with the professional background or schooling for the situation the villagers are facing. We come in the name of the Living God - that is all we have

And yet all we need.

The wait is over. Tomorrow we will travel 12 miles of dirt paths to reach the villagers. Today, Iesha asked one of the church workers if they thought we would actually be around the men who had murdered the widows. Without hesitating he said "of course - you will meet them - they will shake your hand. "

The weight is heavy, but we have taken on the yoke of Christ and know He is carrying the "lion's share" of the load.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to pour out as in the Book of Acts like "Fire from Heaven". Jesus had the disciples "wait" in Jerusalem and perhaps that is a portion of what our "wait" in Mwanza was about.

We have no running water, only 3 hours of electricity, holes in our mosquito nets BUT

We are traveling with the King, He has come and He is conquering in the darkness with the power of His Word.

Smiling with my sling shot and a pocket full of rocks!

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