We have arrived at our final destination Machilipatnam, all baggage (and bags under our eyes) normal and at no extra charge! We have had an afternoon nap and are preparing for dinner at the only "safe" restaurant in town.

Because of the recent cyclone season all of the fields we drove through on our two hour drive here were lush shades of green. Vicki commented on their beauty. Pastor J replied, "yes, now is the time of planting".

The farmers are back, ready to sow the seeds - for the harvest is plenty the workers are few - but we are ready!

Last night as we were driving through the dark streets of Hyderbad, with an unknown taxi driver, to a place that seemed much farther than we remembered, I made conversation to keep our minds calmed. I commented about people not equipped for the task (nothing spiritual just conversational) and Vicki rolled her eyes indicating her own feelings about not being ready for her job (Director of Orphan Ministry). I said, "look around- not many people are willing to do "this" Abraham stuff. Face it this takes faith!"

"When he was called to go out into a place... he obeyed, and he went out, not knowing whither he went." Heb 11:8

We laughed, eventually arrived safe at the hotel and slept as fast as we could before having to wake up for our morning flight.

We begin our village programs first thing in the morning, and will have two programs each day. Our projection is to minister to around 50 or 60 kids per village.

Keep us prayed up EPESCIALLY for health. We had to stop at the pharmacy on the way to the hotel for allergy medicine for both of us, and V for stomach acids. The enemy does not want us at 100% - but even at 10% we are stronger than he is.

We come in the name - and we are here to "hoe some rows!" Praise God for the "bringing in of the sheaves".

Satellites working - Spirit of the Living God moving in mighty ways.

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