Wrong Again!


Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep your testimony. Such is the case here in the Hyderabad Airport.

Last year when V and I were connecting through Hyderabad I was confident this being a MAJOR terminal there would be plenty for us to do at the airport - shopping, lounge, etc. When we arrived we discovered an airport smaller than Dallas' Love Field. AND we were not allowed inside until 3 hours before our after midnight flight. This left us in the company of 10,000 flies - certainly as many mosquitoes and a few women covered head to toe in Burkah's that watched curiously while we sat and applied a variety of bug-warding oils to all exposed areas we could modestly reach.

They giggled and wrinkled their noses at the smell wafting from our area of the room.

We were not happy but entertaining to others none-the-less. But...what are you going to do but be patient and wait. Much of the time I tried (vainly) to convince V of all the shopping that awaited us once the doors would allow entrance.

I was wrong (again).

When we finally did go inside (8 hours aromatically later) there was NOTHING! One kiosk selling Pringles and cookies (okay there were a few miscellaneous kitkats too - but it was slim pickins.)

I had to give the background (did I not too mention I have a lot of time on my hands) because NOW there is a state of the art 21st Century airport here in Hyderabad! When we first arrived I had to laugh at the luxury - the shopping - the restaurants - and we were only on the domestic side - my mind boggled at what lay in wait upon our departure through the International section. After all we would have 12hours in between flights.

I was wrong.

There is a down side to this new fangled fancy terminal it is about 1 hour from the city. So... To get to a hotel in between flights is a big hassle (think shopping time cut back). We arrived as scheduled - had a VERY helpful and friendly airline staff person help us collect our luggage and begin to escort us to the International side of the airport.

Wow - we passed a McDonald's and several other things that peeked our interest (come on after 8 days of rice, noodles and curry - even MickeeDee's has its allure).

At the check point we were stopped by the armed guards (typical) who proceeded to speak a battery of language that were bullets to our layover experience! Technically, our international flight leaves tomorrow (1:05am) so they were not about to allow us in TODAY!

I was wrong.

There went our VIP lounge, our shopping, our comfort et al. In spite of the best and valiant efforts of the porter, the Kingfisher manager - we were unable to get into the International side. They did however negotiate entrance back into the domestic baggage claim area where there is fewer flies and air conditioning.

We are sitting quietly now, all alone with only airport staff staring and probably wondering about our dilemma. V is doing EW business and most likely utilizing the power of the Holy Spirit not to slap me silly for convincing her to cancel our city hotel reservations (I said "think about the hassle and the luggage and the time and expense, 12 hours will go by in a flash - and anyway in that new fancy 21st century airport we actually SAW the shopping")!

Two hours down - ten to go - when you (in Central Standard Time Zone) finally awake and read this we might have gained access to the International side -

But I could be wrong.

Sitting sniffing Big Mac's and thinking of shopping...

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