A New Day Has Dawned

Dateline November 5, in the year of our Lord 2008:

As we bumped and rocked down the rugged roads of Limbe yesterday the sun was beginning to set. In the distance out over ocean a huge white billowing thundercloud glowed with orange and yellow hues from the rays of the sinking light. I looked at the beauty but remarked "there is a huge storm coming."

Our hotel receives only one TV channel and it is only on at 7 at night. Although we knew the probabilities and the projections and had a certain degree of interest toward what was occurring across the ocean - our hearts remained focused on the Haitian children we had spent the day with.

We return to the village this morning with the hope He has given us. Yesterday, the children that attended from school had to leave. It was obvious the enemy was trying to limit our influence by dwindling the numbers. It was a bit chaotic, but everyone on the team was "flexible" and we filled in with games and limbo and chicken dancing. Those we were left with laughed, played and heard the Word of God proclaimed from the hillside where the Bible station was set up under the trees. The enemy has no dominion!

Here, from Haiti we want to encourage you across the distant shores the Kingdom is advancing! Pastor G explained how "this generation" of village children will have no heritage of "voodoo". They will have a new inheritance built on the foundational principles of God's Word. Strongholds where the enemy has been entrenched are crumbling under the mighty power of the Almighty God.

Our eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord - and His truth IS marching on!

Those of us under the authority of the King have nothing to fear. May our hearts be reminded of the Prophet Samuel, upon the appointment of Saul as King over Israel "far be it from me to sin against God and cease to pray for you."

We are praying, we are marching and WE are still on the winning side!

Fighting in His service!

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