On the Eve of His-Story

We arrived safely in Haiti after a brief night's sleep (up at 4:30 am) and off to the airport. The flight to Port au Prince was short (not long enough for a nap) and we arrived to sweltering heat, a blustering wind and the sun reminding us - we are in a country where the only real change in seasons involves wet or dry.

Our Haitian national was not there to meet us (stuck in traffic) but we were greeted instead by a swarm of men grabbing our bags, luggage carts and whatever else they could vie for in the process of our trying to get out of the terminal. "No, no, no we do not need your help" did little to persuade the hoard following our movements and exchanging heated Creole on who was going to get the tip out of these Americans.

Finally, we did find the Pastor's wife and she lit into the men in an equally heated exchange. An exciting way to start the campaign! People pressing forward on all sides trying to get your attention thinking - you have what they want.

Years ago on my first trip to Israel (when tourism was still at its peak) the crowds astonished me. Buses at every local - people pressing forward - I was expecting serenity at each site time for reflection and deep spiritual contemplation. When I was relating this to a friend upon my return - her perspective opened my eyes. She said "you know that is probably just what it was like for Jesus. ".

Our second flight involved a plane a bird could have taken down and we flew low enough over the green hills and vales to see the occasional herds grazing far below. It was breathtaking. Whenever I am privileged to see God's handiwork from the heights, He brings to mind the verse "what is man that you are mindful of him?".

Now we are at our hotel overlooking the sea, in relative comfort far above the impoverished streets and neighborhoods we drove through to get here. We are waiting to participate in His-story!

History may change - but His-story remains the same.

He leaves the ninety and nine to save the one that was lost.

Searching and seeking in His service

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