Calcutta, Chaos, but no Catastrophe

"I have set My angels charge over you, to keep you from stumbling.". Psalm 91:11

I would also have to add to that verse - "to keep you from missing your connections.". We arrived at the airport in Dibrugarh in time enough to put us first in line when the ticket counter opened (exactly when we like to be there). It was a good thing today - because while the counter was open the computer systems were not quite. The agents were having trouble with every aspect from printing baggage labels to boarding passes - and we were finally told to take a seat when they could not print our continuing boarding pass to Chennai.

The line grew behind us, the computers slowed to molasses (or perhaps a thick Indian dahl) and the airline employees were becoming increasingly frantic. We were assured we would receive our boarding passes in Calcutta - BUT we only had 40 minutes between flights and now we were late! Oh well!?

It really was out of our control (as much as we hate that) and Vicki with her airline background muttered, "can't they just hand write them the way we used to have to do?"

I typed out a quick email to be ready to fly across time zones as soon as we touched down in Calcutta. We were going to need prayer and some extra pull to get us (and our luggage) to the next flight. One of the bonus side effects from a downed system - they were not able to charge us for the excess baggage.

We sat on the 5th row from the exit which would make deboarding faster. One and a half hours later - touchdown, up, out, standing in the aisle ready to run - only to be informed over the loudspeakers, "Chennai passengers please sit down.". Ah... Could it be we were taking the same aircraft?


It did mean the airline was going to assure that we got on the next flight along with our bags! You can't ask for much better than that. We stood out on the tarmac, waited to identify our bags and then - back on board. Onward and upward - to infinity and beyond - or perhaps just the next stop - Chennai.

Still smiling

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