Satellites, Salsa and Silliness

He sat on the couch less than three feet away from me. Modern technology is more than amazing it feels like a miracle!

As I posted the photo I took with my ever handy Blackberry on Facebook, somewhere in outer space, satellites were receiving the encoded message of bytes and bits, colors and lines and sending them through the sky.


His telephone signaled a message, "You have been tagged in a photo."
Although a mere three feet separated us physically, it took thousands of miles for the photo on my phone to reach his. Zhenya smiled a crooked smile. I was a bit comical as I mimicked the miracle that had just taken place. "Ping, pee, ping, ping, ping!" The sound effects were silly but amazing at the same time. No less than the techno-miracle taking place right now on the other side of the world from most of the readers, I sit at the end of another day communicating the greatness of our God.

"Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye shall see Him." Revelation 1:7

When I read those verses as a child I couldn't begin to comprehend the future He had planned for me. Any more than I could imagine just how every eye on earth could see His coming. I had no doubt of the truth of the text or the power of the promise but it did seem a bit like science fiction to a little girl's mind. "Just how is that even possible." Forty years later I still can't begin to explain the vast mysteries of God, but neither can I explain how a photo taken on a metal and plastic machine about as big as my grade school calculator made the jump through space and landed three feet away from me on a similar device.

Strange things are happening these days. Today we ate at a new restaurant in town, "Bar-ak O' Mama's." It serves genuine recreated Tex-Mex food; fajitas on a "sizzling pig-iron plate", quesadillas with salsa, and nachos with a side of delicious defrosted frozen guacamole! None of us is sure the American actress Monique realizes her image is being used as its logo, nor can we figure out why an African American female comedian would entice customers to sample food originating in Mexico and altered in the great state of Texas.

"Ping, pee, ping, ping, ping!"

At 10:30 each evening the residents of Hope House all come down to A and R's apartment for prayer. Praises are offered, requests are made known and a general "checking in" is communicated. It is a special time with a family feel; everyone stands to pray. The opening was spoken in Russian, I closed in English, while the Spirit spoke with words no one in the room heard or would understand. A listening God who interprets all languages.

"Give them joy in My house of prayer." Isaiah 56:7

Ping, pee, ping, ping, ping! :o)
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