You Are Not Alone

"God, who got you started in this spiritual adventure, shares with us the life of His Son and our Master Jesus. He will never give up on you. Never forget that." 1 Corinthians 1:8-9

It is hard to embrace the truth of the scripture Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth. God never gives up on us - no matter what! During what we have come to refer to as the Last Supper, the Master comforted His disciples by saying, "I will not leave you as orphans." (John 14:18) Being "orphaned" (left without provision, protection, love and nurturing) is a hard fact of life for the young men with whom we spent the last few days. They graduated out of the system and are now facing the world on the world's terms. It is not an easy, friendly or familiar place.

The statistics of what happens when most leave the safety of the "Internat" is staggering. Many commit suicide out of sheer desperation, others turn to alcohol to anesthetize the pain of loneliness; a majority participate in criminal activity (or are victimized by it) just to survive the "mean streets" of reality.

Those who consistently traveled to work with the orphan population, saw the overwhelming need for a place to help them transition from institutional life to day-to-day "living." A couple committed to pure religion undefiled (see James 1:27) left the comfort of family, friends, church, and community and moved to Russia to make sure the orphans they had spent years ministering to would not fall through the cracks of a broken world. Thus, the ministry of Hope House began.

They knew there would be no way they could provide housing for the multitudes coming into the city each year, so along with providing a place of residency for some, they also provide a place of refuge for others. Collectively, the missionaries and the transitional residents developed a program where those coming out of the orphanage system and into the harsh reality of the world, could meet weekly and come to understand (like the Corinthians) God never gives up on them. He does not leave them, EVER. They named their fellowship the "You Are Not Alone" Club.

It is always a blessing to be a small part of a great work! We left with full hearts and overflowing eyes. We arrived in Moscow this morning and will board a train northward bound this evening to Kirov, the next leg of our journey.

We will arrive in the morning and attend church. Monday we will have a time of preparation to purchase items for the coming day's orphanage visits. During our time in Kirov we will have the opportunity to share with over 500 children. We pray to carry the message of hope, and the truth of the Father to the fatherless, "You are not alone."

"The secret of the missionary is - I am His, and He is carrying out His enterprises through me." Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest: Sep 4)

Smiling and rolling down the tracks in His service,
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