Buckets of Goodness

One of the first things recommended to overseas travelers is to let go of their notion of time. Each day as we have been given a set time to be ready to leave, we instinctively ask, "Is that American time or Indian time?"

American time "is what it is." Indian (or pick a country of your choice) time is "add 15-30 minute increments as needed!" What we Americans would consider "late" is actually to be expected, anticipated and planned around.

A typical example: the hotel breakfast buffet is advertised and verbally confirmed to begin at 7:00. However, when we walked in at 7:15 the only item available was bread (self-toaster) and jam. This made for one hungry group of women when we checked out at 8:00! Indian clocks were running right on time.

The rain was falling as unpredictabley as the schedules. Sunshine would peek through the clouds bringing hope for our long drive, and just when the smile of relief would break across our faces, deluge!

"Open up, heavens, and rain, clouds pour out buckets of My goodness! Loosen up earth, and bloom salvation" Isaiah 45:8 The Message

But God IS merciful, and prayer does work. By the time we were ready to board, the drainage from the rooftops was all that dampened our clothes. Only once (during the 4 hour journey) did we have to pull off the road because it became impossible for the driver to see (cows don't really care where they are when it is raining so they are still on the roads).

God is pouring out His goodness here in India, salvation is ready to bloom! We will have 3 programs each day Thursday and Friday (and possibly 2 on the day we leave).

The farmers are ready.

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