Enter David

"Enter David. He was the son of Jesse..." 1 Samuel 17:12 The Message

The music was blaring intermittently pausing to allow a variety of emcees to holler and shout what I can only assume was congratulations to the Bride and Groom. But, for all I knew they could have been saying , "Mzungu (white person) is in the hostel trying to sleep, let's party all night! Just when I was about to cry myself into further exhaustion - because face it, sleep wasn't likely, I remembered David.

David and Goliath that is.

During the last two weeks, I've shared our experience on Zanzibar with the noise coming from the mosque next door. I recount the tale to illustrate how the Word of God truly is a power against the forces of darkness. When the loudspeakers were about to drown out our Seminar, I had all the women stand and face the mosque and read aloud 1 Samuel 17. We sat back down and continued. After a few minutes I noticed. something - or actually nothing. The loudspeaker had gone completely silent. The incessant chanting did not resume until the following day and the last "amen" had been said.

After sending out a request for prayers of mercy, I thought David couldn't hurt the situation. I cued up my 1 Samuel 17 audio bible and hit play, the last thing I heard was David saying, "who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy..."

And then it was morning!

Our final mission in Tanzania was to relocate hotels! We found one closer to the airport, filled with foreigners (a good sign) and an ELEVATOR! It was, as they say, "a done deal." Once we got transferred we set out to accomplish what women worldwide do in their spare time - SHOP! It was a lovely afternoon, complete with a fast-food hamburger at the MALL!

And although there is a faint sound of a drum beat outside, we are five flights up so it is not so bad at all.

We'll head home tomorrow. But for now, I'm turning in.

Goliaths are gone
I'm smiling and D is already dreaming Charlynn

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