I Once Was Lost...

... but now I'm found

Praise be to the Father for His safe care and watchfulness! The office workers confused the day that I was to be picked up (since I arrived at midnight) and all is now well, and I’m at the orphanage. Today was my first full day with the children and we took Polaroid photos. It was the first time the children had photos taken they could keep. They had a blast! Tomorrow we will be traveling and return to the orphanage (Samudra Sri) Tuesday. One of the schools will be all Buddhist children - but they have been so impressed with the help the Christians have given since the tsunami they have given us an invitation. I will be performing at a church on Sunday, Monday will be in the "hardcore" ghetto, and we'll be back to be with the children here at the orphanage.

The food is hot (like the weather) so I thank God I’m from Texas. And I thank God for each of you and your prayers - they are needed, felt - and I am confident being HEARD.

Our God is MIGHTY! To His glory! Smiling - and FOUND

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