Tired in Tokyo

Thanks for the prayers.  I really need them. I am responding to you from Tokyo where I have a four-hour layover before going on to Singapore - overnight there and then on to Sri Lanka - arriving Thursday morning 12:00 am.  Long trip. I have been sick three times on the plane to Tokyo?!  I can't figure out what wrong – I hope it’s nerves and nothing more.  It’s been three days since I have been able to keep anything on my stomach! New diet plan - take Malaria medicine (I have determined this is the cause) so I am famished but queasy - I stayed indoors at the hotel - had room service (which promptly made an exit) and tried to get rested.  I am now back at the airport (4 hours early) and trying to kill time and perhaps get some crackers or something simple.  If this is any indication of the battle - well - it will be a battle!  Send out for reinforcements in the warrior team.  I stand firm!

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