The Road to Heaven is NOT Paved

Enter through the narrow gate

We have put some miles on the new APF Ministry van, traveling back and forth from the Dodowa Region to Tema; to the port authority for bureaucratic entanglements with the boxes; deep into the African bush to distribution sites in the heart of the savannah. Tires have displaced a great deal of dirt, because the majority of the roads are just that – dirt. If we were lucky, it would be somewhat smooth. Today was not one of those days.

Up with the chickens and out at the “crack of dawn” by 6:00 am we were making our way to the former capital of Ghana. Kumasi, home of the Ashanti tribe, is still ruled essentially by the tribal king, who is in control of the regions #1 commodity, GOLD.

I could hear echoes of Betty Davis’ famous line “fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy ride”, as we made our way through the morning commuters, already on the road at this early hour.

Allan was excited to see the new highway was complete. Unfortunately, no one has taught the drivers that a four lane highway has two side by side lanes going in the same direction – each side of this freeway carried bi-directional traffic, in spite of signs and arrows indicating otherwise. Once the erratic “new” road ended we were back to normal; avoiding pot holes, pedestrians, goats and those sellers maneuvering between the stopped traffic for a “sale”.

Although these are “major” roads are often the only thing connecting two cities, it is not easy traveling, and our excursion requires an overnight stay for to travel these roads after dark, is to risk your life and endanger many others. In our 4 ½ hour drive we saw 4 traffic accidents, 3 overturned 18 wheelers – lorries with lost loads and a fair share of road kill. Although for some it was lunch.

It is days like today, down roads I would not know and never choose, that the mission clarifies. No map could bring us to our destination - only destiny can! The love and interest of the Living God, knowing where the need is, where His lost sheep live brings us down the road less traveled.
A Danish businessman we encountered (a true God-incidence) made a poignant statement: “there are people here every night who cry out to God for help. God is using those listening to answer their prayers.

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