Their Mouths Were Filled with Laughter

An early wake up to set off down the familiar road to Dodowa. Today's distribution would compensate for the first and second days we missed due to the hold up in boxes. We covered eight schools and passed out over 2,000 boxes. That's a lot of little hands receiving a gift.

These sites were off the "beaten" path so to speak, but many of these paths are really just that. Allan was a bit concerned as we made a few turns "over the river and through the woods". We lumbered past villages and their inhabitants gleefully waved us on. Something was happening and they wanted to be a part of it.

At each school site - deep in the bush and past the villages - those who had watched our van and truck negotiating the trail, soon encircled the gathered children to see what we had to say.

At our second stop, the program kept getting interrupted by the chickens and roosters clamoring and clucking through the school house. The headmistress kept a long switch in her hand for sending them fluttering on their way.

As in the prior days, when Allan and Pastor Henry share the Gospel and the way of salvation children are eager to raise their hands. Sometimes the religious cynic in me questions their comprehension and understanding. They know something "else" is awaiting (a brightly wrapped gift box) and perhaps their "acceptance" is part of what is required.

But I have to marvel when the villagers standing on the fringes, who have NOTHING to gain from a "closed-eye hand raised" respond. They understand we are not there for their benefit. We will have no gift to hand them, and still their hearts respond.

In these past two weeks over 9,000 boxes have been delivered, another 5,000 children and adults have heard the Gospel, 75 pastors and lay teachers have been trained, souls have been ushered into the Kingdom - and the angels have been rejoicing!

UPDATE March 20: The Villagers who committed their hearts and lives to the King contacted Pastor Ohene and requested a church be started in their village. The cynic is silenced.

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