That's All She Wrote

Ah, ah, airport lounge at last.

While Allan and Patsy offered to stay at the Landing restaurant while I waited for my departure, I was ready to sit down, wait and get comfortable in mindset for the next 30 hours of travel. Well-equipped with iTunes, eye patch and Ambien - I am prepared to be on about the Father's next business.

When I stepped out of the car the humidity and heat was a furnace blast reminding me why I need not bother with any hair "do" or products. My hair has kinked and curled, pasted to my face in rebellion to the weather - it is a fright. But soon I will be home.

As I lay in bed this morning, with my pillow over my head in my own little "cave", I was reluctant to rouse. Everything was already packed and I had no real need to be up. However, by 7:00 am I could relax no longer. I decided to make breakfast for my gracious hosts this last morning. French Toast African style, enjoyed on the porch with the morning breeze, the melodious chimes and a gaggle of geckos. We remained large and uninvited guests.

The last Oswald Chambers devotion had us all reflecting on "The Call". It reminded me what a value it has been to study and share his wisdom with my African friends.

Pastor Ohene and Ken arrived for a final farewell and accounting of the week and distribution. Future goals and needs were discussed and placed safely in the Father's hands. I am anxious to see how those needs are answered. Ohene accompanied us to the airport to continue his discussion on the amount of boxes needed to complete the next two days of outreach. His calculations on the average number of boxes per carton created a 4,000 gift shortage - not good.

I was first in line and cleared the process quickly. A few more hours and I'll be off - a lot more after that and I'll return to my side of the world - where my "cave" consoles me, restores me and reminds me - there is no place like home!

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