Of Messes and Miracles

There is no making a 4:00 am wake up call easier. I went to set my alarm clock and saw the time set for 3:45 am. Puzzled at the early hour and being so close to when I needed to wake up, it took me a minute to realize a mere 5 days ago I had set out for another early morning departure.

I must back up and say, having a friend willing to take me to the airport before the rooster has crowed does make it easier. I arrived at DFW with my 150 lbs of luggage (in three bags + a 20 lb carry on and a 15 lb backpack). Praying for favor (accompanied by my government invitation and ministry letter stating the good nature of my cause and weight I approached the counter.

I didn't fly and I was charge for too much (weight) and too many (bags) AND my seat assignment (middle of the row for 13 1/2 hours) I was stuck with. I prayed STILL and Hard!

While watching the scrolling news on CNN, the US weather flashed and highlighted storms in the Ohio Valley and Chicago. It didn't take long for the announcement of flight delays due to weather, to be heard, followed by groans and a flurry of cell phone calls.

I made mine - to my early rising friend "Pray, not only did I have to pay for my luggage, now I might miss my connection to China!" Vision of phone calls, rerouting, rescheduling, re re re ... flashed like lightning hitting the skies over Chicago! "Okay I'll pray " she said.

Not five minutes after my phone call ended the gate agent announced - "We have been cleared for departure immediately and will begin boarding!" A smile broke out across my face. Once we landed in Chicago I made a beeline for the internet and sent out another "Pray hard" issuance. Just as I was ready to hit the send - everything erased!! Now that's not funny. I hurriedly retyped, (probably leaving out some of my wittier remarks) and hit send.

Off to the gate where my middle seat was waiting to be bombarded by prayers. At the end of a very long line, I could hear (but not wanting to hear) "do not ask for seat changes, this is a full flight there are no seats." It would take me a few minutes to get to the "no" so I continued to pray and hope.

I shuffled my backpack and bag over to the overworked agent and said "I couldn't hear you at the end of the line, did you say no seats?" "That's right" Sounding sweet, sorrowful and sentimental I used my best southern gentile tone and said "really?"

He shuffled the papers laughed and asked if I would bring him something from China. "I'll do better than that I'll write a commendation letter."

So... here I sit staring out at the messy Chicago weather from the seat of my second miracle of the day.

I have a feeling the next two weeks will be full of both!

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