The ONLY way that I temporarily received rest was through the work of the prayers I knew were being offered up on our behalf. When I turned off the computer at 3:00am and laid down in bed - every time I closed my eyes I could see the headlights of the car, hear the engine gun and Brenda's body being hit and thrown in the air and onto the ground.

It remains horrible.

Outside the construction crews were at work. Jackhammers were going off, hammers and banging and clanging and every other type of building sound outside my window came into the room and unsettled me. I KNEW there were prayers going on - after all it was getting on in the afternoon and I knew people were awake, at work - at home AND checking emails. I settled myself with the knowledge that "STRONGHOLDS" were being brought down.

Every time I heard the jackhammers I pictured the spiritual realms - we are NOT given weapons to fight ordinary battles - but ones that bring down spiritual strongholds.

They ARE coming down.

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