The day began with a few gliches. The hotel had not scheduled the breakfast for the volunteers considering our program officially didn't start until the Marines arrived. But for a girl from Texas waking up to 62 degrees and an ocean breeze - who cares about food!

With a virtual army of youth to care for the 28 children (14 under 5 and 14 over 5); chaplains, paracletes (as the volunteers are called); a rock band AND a rock star (that would be me) we were set for their arrival.

I didn't cough much during the day and I tried to preserve my energy and voice for tonight's welcome activities. I am not sure when I noticed my voice was lost - but I never found it again.

I was praying all day for health so I could be my best for those who serve our country. The Lord chose to take my voice and give me Demi Moore's instead. Here I had been wondering what kind of character voice would compensate for my respiratory shortfall and instead when I spoke, out came the raspy deep sexy voice of a long-time lounge singer.


The Marines and their spouses loved "Tina Turn-table" and her take on Proud Mary, and we did a conga-line to the Rolling Stones "It's Only Rock and Roll...but I like it"

We have a full schedule complete with a carnival and ending with a luau under the stars tomorrow.

Originally we were told all the families attending would be believers. This morning the chaplain shared out of the 15 families there were only 2 that attend church. One of those families didn't show.

It's a mission field here. A beautiful location for a bountiful harvest.

"And I am speechless, I'm astonished and amazed, I am silenced by Your wondrous grace. you have saved me, You have raised me from the grave. I am speechless." Steven Curtis Chapman

With little voice
But still smiling
In His service

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