Tuesday, November 30, 2004

fogged in

not my mind mind you - but the airplane that I was to catch from Beijing to Jinan - where my friends were waiting?! Oh well. The benefits of traveling 21st century style (as opposed to the former brethren) you can know immediately when I have been "shipwrecked" and stopped from proceeding with my journey.

DFW was a travelers nightmare - holiday stuffers. rolling in by the hundreds - irritable to be returning to their real life back in parts unknown - but away from me. And for me - it pays to show loyalty ;o)

In the midst of the luggage line - CJ frequent traveler was able to use her clout (otherwise known as a silver lined card courtesy of Lufthansa. I moved to the front of the line and got bags (heavy as they were) through without any charge or delay. AND for those of you familiar with my special skill - I was only 2.3 pounds off on the "guess the weight of the bag" contest. My bag weighed in at 66.7 (who would have thought beanie babies could be so heavy?!

Laying over in SFO offered the greatest view of the city I have ever seen. I think the pilot was planning to make us all go WOW - as we left the airport arked high into the clouds and he banked right to reveal the glistening Golden Gate herself. Sun shining for all hearts to see where they left them. K and S (you know who you are) I even saw the Cliff House and the bridge that well "lady this is not a good place to stop"

unless of course you are DYING from what your friends got you into!

Good advice - go into the muffin making business - seems it is a real cash earner as the airline was asking $8 for one!! WHAT do I get to fly to Hawaii to eat it?? I'll stick with Mickie D's cholestoral and fat content to send me on my way thank you very much.

I was met at the airport in Beijing by an airline official (it's all in who you know) and he wisked me through customs and explained in broken English and charade movements that the flights tonight have been cancelled due to fog. Oh well again. Whisked off to the underground shuttle for the Sino-Swiss hotel for the evening. It is where all airline crew stay (read as swank) COMPLETE with 10 foot tall Christmas tree in foyer - packages underneath. I had to wonder what they are celebrating (other than the influx of western cash and carry consumers)

I'm off to bed - 14 hours ahead of where you most likely read this from. Keep up the prayers, tomorrow will be interesting in getting me to my final destination. Train, plane, private car??? as yet to be determined. The official was not holding out much hope for the plane.

as for me - I'm always holding out hope

Goodnight from China

Sunday, November 28, 2004


today i met Jesus
He ran right up to me
and with the arms of a little one
hugged me till i couldn't breathe

today i heard Jesus
and what a voice He had!
i heard Him in the laughter
of a child no longer sad.

today i saw Jesus
He had a great big smile!
i saw Him in the face
of each grinning child.

today i kissed Jesus
and tasted eternity
for on the lips of the "least of these"
He said,

"you have done so unto Me."

Saturday, November 27, 2004

if not now?

i stand on the shoreline of uncertainty
rolling up my pants
of past pretension
kicking off my shoes
of protective old habits

i stand on the shoreline of opportunity
watching the waves of unpredictability
i run - from their approaching seduction
afraid of drowing
in two inches of fear.

i stand on the shoreline of my past
volumes and echoes of things left unspoken
paths untaken

love lost.

the grit of the sand a reality
days behind return to the graveyard
like broken shells tossed casually on the beach
by the rising tide of consequence.

i stand on the shoreline of my future
the cold winter waves shocking my senses
but it's out there, it's coming,
it's rolling toward me and i will not get out of it's way!
the immensity as far as my eye can see

all that i have no way of seeing.

i stand on the shoreline today
i am present
it is now
i take it all in

knowing long ago i have been taught to swim
i dive in!!

Friday, November 26, 2004


in the pit of deeper longing
hunger turned to hurt
i remember how you tasted
salty soul

now i thirst

i crave the pain you fed me
the flavor of desire
aching appetite rising

sadly still a fire

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Solitude, sanity, silence
thankful for all of above
appreciating opportunity
to masticate on ideas
all that I have been given
reflecting on reason
the "what" of the season