Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Homeward Bound From Hong Kong

Here I am back again in the Hong Kong Terminal making good use of my time in between flights. As I said in my earlier email it has been amazing to be able to keep the communication, the direct and specific needs going back and forth.

I still have 24 hours of travel ahead of me. I slept okay from Colombo to Singapore - cramped from Singapore to Hong Kong - but the longest flight is staring me in the face - 14 hours!

Pray for good rest and decompression from all that I have done and seen over the last 3 weeks. May our Father commend your service on the front lines in ways that will continue to surprise you!

Smiling in transit Always in service

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

Well Friends

This is goodbye from the far East fields of Sri Lanka. By the time you read this email most likely I will be making my way to the airport and back to US soil. I am currently 11 hours ahead of CST so I will technically be flying backward!

I arrive in DFW at 8:00 pm on Tuesday night.

E leaves Sri Lanka this Thursday after 4 months here. Her heart has been tenderized in many ways but... A leaves in Dec for furlough to the US - Beseech the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to this field. Truly the time is now!

Fortunately, my car time today will be limited with roundtrip to Colombo and then to the airport. BUT I will be in the air on 4 different planes for the next 30 hours through many airports.

It has been a very long tough emotional three weeks. I will begin immediately preparing for my departure on November 9th to China (I know back across the Pacific Ocean)

We have ALL entered into enemy territory over the past three weeks - interceeding on behalf of the lost in Sri Lanka. The enemy does not take such warfare lightly.

You are soldiers of the Most High - More than conquerors!

Smiling in His service

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturated Saturday

Co-laborers in the field

The Father has sent the RAIN! Our last day of school programs today put our total of children and adults ministered to over 2500! A great time here in Sri Lanka and God has opened doors and hearts.After our programs we made our way to our last hotel. A beautiful hilltop view and nice rooms - even hot water. HOWEVER, tonight as we came into the room a black line from the ceiling was noticed - which turned out to be 20000 ants!!! We have attacked them with bug spray but the hotel staff said `the light is attracting them` so we sit in the dark and pray against crawling creatures STILL.

The hot shower does count for something. Tomorrow will be the final program at the local church here. Today our school program was also held at the church. It sits at the top of a very HIGH hill with 200 steps leading to the top (read as I am feeling old and out of shape) The pastor explained his church sits between a Buddhist temple on one side and a Hindu temple on the other. It is the ONLY Christian church in the ENTIRE region! There are around 80 believers. As I was catching my breath, I reflected on the words of Christ about being a light on a hill - this place certainly is that.

A has fully recovered from his food poisoning and thanks you for all the prayers on his behalf. However, E is suffering from severe car sickness. I have remained strong (except in the hillclimbing) and oiled up.

My prayer is always to finish strong. After almost 20 days of consecutive programs every day - well - I have to pray hard to maintain my enthusiasm.

You may be tired of this prayer - but believe me it is NOW critical. Since arriving at the hotel there has been MASSIVE flashflooding in the area. What this will do to our travel through the mountains tomorrow to Sri Lanka I hate to imagine. I guess I will have to continue to fix my eyes on something other than the cliffside drop offs.

We head back to Samudra Sri orphanage tomorrow afternoon. It will be my last night here in Sri Lanka. My next sleeping arrangement will be the confines of a 737.

Thank you all for your faithfulness to go on this journey into the Harvest Fields of Sri Lanka. His WORD will not return to Him void - and HE does promise `the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much`!

May you know His love and answers always.

In the Fields

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hillsides - Hurlings - Hallelujahs

Saints of the Most High

It is Friday morning here in Sri Lanka and what a time the last two days have been! Our programs in these small mountain village schools have been wonderful. The children excited and enthusiastic - the laughter contagious.

We have seen and ministered to almost 2500 children and adults! A great time of Harvest field work blanketed in the prayers of willing soldiers.

The driving here is TREACHEROUS! Very small one lane roads up hillsides. The locals have NO FEAR they speed by and do not even slow down when passing - forcing cliffside situations every few minutes. Our van has already broken down on the side of a cliff once due to overheating.

Yesterday we arrived at our new hotel. While the view here on the hillside is breathtaking, there are some serious issues. Since it is the off season there are NO workers here at the hotel. Only two groundskeepers. Yesterday they were the ones who prepared our lunch. A, being the growing boy that he is, kept eating the RAW chicken against my advice. Needless to say in the middle of the night he woke up with food poisoning. I gave him some charcoal this morning and he is improving.

Last night E and I had a VERY serious faith conversation. At the end of our conversation I told her `people around the world are praying for you ` she chuckled and said `that`s sweet thanks`

BESEECH the Lord of the Harvest! That is what He asks us to do - that is what we must continue doing.

Until the Harvest is complete

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday's Child

Precious Saints of the Most High

What a battle we are in!

What a victory we can claim!

Know that you are MORE than conquerors in Christ whom we serve. Today has been a restful day at the orphanage. Our program for the 60+ children here doesn't start until 4:00 so the team of A, E and myself have spent the day relaxing, making the package of presents for the children and preparing to leave at 5:00 am tomorrow morning to the central region of Kandy.

Again my appreciation can hardly be expressed for your faithfulness to cover this mission in prayer for the Harvest. I was thinking of many things that Jesus charged His disciples with was "beseech the Lord of the Harvest".

THAT command you are obediently following. Remember we are 11 hours ahead of Central Standard Time - 10 hours ahead of Eastern; 12 Mountain; 13 West Coast. SO tomorrow late afternoon we will be hitting the road - PLEASE remember to pray long and hard for our safety. The roads to Kandy are very steep and dangerous. This is where the director of AED had his own car accident to which he had to be airlifted to Colombo for!! It is not just a fearful car rider - it is a very real and present danger.

And remember to keep your own household prayed up - when we are engaging in WARFARE - the enemy takes his aim where he finds targets exposed. My prayers go back across the ocean to each of you and your families. Our Father knows - and is delighted - He has raised up an army of servants to fulfill the great commission. We are ONE - and remember the words of King David that those who waited in the camp received the same portion as those in the battlefield.

Let us reap the reward of the Harvest together!

Going forth

Monday, October 17, 2005

Special Guests

Galle School

Today is the full moon holiday. Each month business and schools close on the full moon. The children were brought into the school for "special guests" - and when the program was over - they all responded they were glad they came even on holiday!

Again, thank you for all your responses. They really generate a "oneness" of Spirit and purpose among us. We are all in this TOGETHER.

And remember the words of our faithful King...

"when the Gospel has been preached in all the nations- then I will come!"

Until He does

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Those Who Go Forth With Tears

Our program at the church was very well attended over 150 children in the morning and around 50 youth in the afternoon. Each day has been filled with its own rewards - the many smiles and much much joy.

We traveled to Galle, through some of the heaviest hit tsunami regions. Even 10 months later - the debris is still lining the streets. Mangled and destroyed boats still overturned everywhere. Hard to believe that this area will ever fully recover and yet, there are signs of recovery and life being lived out one day at a time.

We stayed overnight in a rebuilt hotel right on the ocean front. So far they have been able to reopen 6 rooms. The restaurant had photos of the "before and after". The waiters were telling of how they ran for the hills as the twenty foot wall of water rushed upon them. A2 said "can you imagine the water up to that level" as he pointed to the second story.

No - of course we could not!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The House that Faith Built...

...Field of Dreams Redux


We turned off the still very bumpy road that wound its way through the Tissemahara area into the Agape House compound. The children were running around excited to see if the promised visitors had finally arrived. As we opened the door to the van we were immediately surrounded by eager smiling children. “Hello” “How are you?” “What is your name?” which was the extent of English they had learned to say without too much shyness exhibited.

The Pastor and “father” to these thirty-eight children warmly greeted us. “Please, let me show you around.” Our first stop was the main house where we were served the traditional welcome of tea and cookies. The Pastor began to share how he had come to this place at this time:

“When I first began my ministry, I did not even really like children. I had a small church and a faithful congregation. One day a woman came to me and asked me to take in her son. The stepfather was beating him and she felt she could no longer care for him safely. I told her I had three children of my own and was not really set up to care for anyone else’s children. I felt bad about not being able to help her – but after all what could I do? Several days later I was visiting one of our members at the hospital. I saw a woman with a baby and a four-year-old girl. I told her this was not a good place for the girl, as she could get sick. Then the woman told me that her new husband had already molested her twice when he was drunk. I left the hospital and saw someone who knew of the woman who had asked me to take her boy. I was heartbroken to hear that the boy had committed suicide! Later that day, I broke down and just wept for the children. I asked God to give me another chance to help. It wasn’t long before He did. Returning to the hospital I saw the woman again – she asked if I would be willing to take the girl. This time I said “yes” – and I have been saying yes to God ever since.”

He continued by telling us how the houses were built by faith alone. After he and his wife had taken in three children - they were sleeping on the floor and the orphans and their three children were sleeping in the beds. A variety of people offered to help, which gave him hope to begin a more suitable living arrangement. One woman promised money if he had plans drawn up - which he did - only to disappear and never be heard from again. One Colombo businessman made a similar offer of cash - only to again fall through.

The Pastor explained that each one of these situations taught him his faith needed to be firmly rooted in God, not in man. Each scenario had taken him further along in the process of building God's vision for helping these children. If he hadn't thought one of these individuals was going to come through with the money - he would not have gone through with developing the plans and setting up a budget for the cost.

We looked out over the land, watched the children playing, toured the houses built and saw the ones under construction to take in more children from the tsunami.

And yet, each day of operation is still lived out in faith - a modern day "Field of Dreams . if you build it they will come."

"If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed you can say to this mountains move.."

Or build an orphanage!

Saturday Seeds

Greetings and Howdys Fellow Farmers!

Today is almost over here in Sri Lanka and Saturday's planting has been great. The Gospel has been shared (both schools this morning were in churches) AND the orphanage is run by a Christian organization so we will have the freedom to tell openly of Christ's love for the children.

The other big event for today was between E and I. She asked "how did you get started in all this" so I gave her the "revelation" and the supernatural workings of the Most High. Another seed planted. She was paying particular attention to the "pure religion undefiled is to serve widows and orphans".

I am not sure about internet - it is always a hit or miss. We will then be traveling back to Colombo on Monday night - there is a storm predicted to affect our travels.

PRAY for yourselves. You are entering into enemy territory EVEN though you are there and I am on the ground - we KNOW our battle is in the unseen realm. Pray for protection.

PRAISE the Lord of the Harvest - for HE IS watching over His Word to see it performed. HE IS faithful with ways that are not our ways.

HE IS (as they say in Africa) good ALL the time!

Faithfully connected

Friday, October 14, 2005

TGIF in Sri Lanka

Thank God it's Friday!

And for that matter I have been thanking Him each and every day for each one of you. As I sit here in an INTERNET CAFE of all things - on the other side of the world - A and I both are amazed at your willing hearts to stand in the gap while the battle is raging. We even got a sigh from E on the plans to pray at the JAF meeting on Saturday night.

Little by little - seeds are being sown - and HE is faithful to watch over His word to perform all that He desires. Today we traveled through Hambantota where the tsunami damage was very severe (14,000 people died in this area). The destruction is still very much evident, bricks and concrete, dead trees piled high, debris fields even approaching 10 months after the disaster. We can now picture the same will be said of our own recent disaster - evident for a long time to come.

Our first stop was the property purchased outside of town for the new orphanage AED has plans to build. It will eventually house 400 orphans. They will also build an orphanage on the Eastern coast for another 400. The goal is to serve 1000 orphans in the future. Unfortunately, the tsunami alone created over 9,000 orphans - all of whom are still residing in refugee camps scattered across the area.

Our program was at a government school for over 300 children. Since it is Friday and this area is predominately Muslim, school lets out at 12:30. Our program was shorter than usual - but we were able to distribute the books on suicide and child abuse. Afterwards, A saw some of the Muslim teachers in what looked like a heated discussion over the books. The suicide book is TOTALLY about Christ's answer for the despair in our lives. He asked the driver to interpret what was in the book - then just as the panic was rising to a head - the principle of the school walked up and asked for MORE BOOKS! For many children this will be the first information they have EVER received about Christ! This may be the ONLY information they ever receive about Christ.

In the past 6 days we have seen over 1500+ children and adults! A steady week of work for this "farmer in the fields". Praise Him for YOUR PART- as Paul writes "I'm not asking for my own sake - but what can be CREDITED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

"When the roll is called up yonder" the thousands of Sri Lankan children and adults will be waving at YOU - thanking YOU for sending this farmer - and participating in the fertilizing through your faithful prayers and petitions. I know it seems like you are receiving updates a DAY late and some of you are. My access allows only so many emails to go out each hour. However, I AM 11 hours ahead of Central Standard Time.

Pray hard pray often and praise the King of Kings - HE IS COMING BACK

Charlynn in Sri

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

Servants in the battlefield of the Most High!

Greetings from far away and safe at the internet cafe. Our travel today was very safe and but for the first hour free of hills and rain - the other three passed quickly with our eyes focused on the DVD player.

We arrived in plenty of time for our afternoon programs and were able to have a leisurely lunch at a "jungle"campground. The veranda was built out over the river and in the trees across from us - a band of monkeys kept us entertained are in the southern region of the island - near where some of the worst tsunami disaster occurred(Hambantota) Even before the disaster - this area has the highest suicide rate on the island. Many girls marry young to get out of bad homelife situations and then commit suicide when they are abused. The lack of social education in these matters of basic human rights is staggering.

Our program was well received and we passed out books afterward to address child rights issues as well as suicide - we will have program at the government school in Hambantota (tsunami region) many children in this area died in the disaster. Pray that their hearts will be open to receive joy and love.

But most importantly thank you for committing to be the ammunition in this raging battle. The fight for the eternal life of these people is fierce.

Keep it up.

Far away still

But close in Spirit

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Warfare on Wednesday

Battlefield Companions!

Greetings in the Name of the Leader of the Heavenly Hosts.

It is still raining here in the rain forest - which comes as no suprise.

We had two programs for around 400 people. Our first stop was a small concrete schoolhouse with a tin roof (only half walls) and the rain was so loud you could not even hear yourself talk! Good thing I had some tricks that needed no interpretation. Our second school stop was a return visit to Muduwwa. And let me tell you in the rain it is MUDDY in MUDUWWA!

At the end of the program one of the older girls got up and gave a speech in English thanking us for the program last July and the inflatable globe we left behind. She said - "it has helped us with our studies here" You never know what will make an impression.

Today we will go to the village and have an evangelistic program. Many in this community are Christians. There are about 14000 people living in the area and it will be an open invitation to all.

We have another school program to a new place about one hour away. SAFETY is still a HUGE issue on the roads.

The enemy is busy with dissention - BUT we are victorious.

Keep up the battle - we are more than conquerors TOGETHER as one body!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tense Tea Time


WOW - what a day your service was CRITICAL.

Today we traveled through the mountains and had the closest I ever want to come to a head on collision!! We prayed continuously and exclaimed "dear Jesus help us" too many times to count. Thank you for joining in this battlefield and for keeping us safe for now. I felt like I may have to become the modern day "Paul" relating instead of "shipwrecked" "car wrecked"!

The scenery was exquisite through the green tea covered hills (although it WAS tense)and we arrived at our destination nervous but ready. I have been to many "ends of the earth" locales and today qualified at the end of a mud road at the top of a hill a school house where over 100 children and 50 adults were gathered to hear our program.

They thoroughly enjoyed it - and we ended the show by passing out balloons and books. The village was another hour up the mountain nestled in the midst of a vast tea plantation. The workers earn $1 a day to climb up the steep slopes and pick the ready leaves from the tree. It was pouring down rain - and still the women stood among the trees diligently picking the leaves.

The school house also serves as a church on the weekend and many of the 100+ attendants were believers. We shared the gospel and after the program was finished many came forward (children and adult) for prayer. Closing - a girl came and presented us with gifts of drawings with scripture on them. Each one given by her randomly - by God specifically! Mine said "I have commanded you go and bear fruit"

God is watching! He is also listening!

Tense but having tea now

Monday Monday Can't Touch That Day

Here on the other side of the world

Today began with a terrible rainstorm, (we are in the jungle region in central Sri Lanka) and as I made my way through the darkness I saw something strange in the bathroom blocking my way to the facilities. Was it alive, was it my imagination, was it...? As I stared (and danced) at the object it did move - ahha ALIVE - so I grabbed the towel hanging on the rack only to discover there was an equally large cockroach in the folds of my supposed weapon. I am still dancing and praying and trying to figure out an answer to my dilmena.

The hotel staff came and extracated the insects, sprayed heavily and all is okay for now. The program at the Anglican Church went very well - I told the story of the Three Trees to a congregation of around 200. The Harvest is white here and Christian evangelicals are asking the body of Christ across the globe for an increase.

YOU are a part of that BODY - YOUR prayers are being heard and answered. Today we return to two schools I visited in July. The weather is abdomindable which makes the driving even scarier if that`s possible.

Praise be to the God who hears and ANSWERS the prayers and petitions of the saints!

Soaked in Sri Lanka
But smiling in His service

Monday, October 10, 2005

Far Ahead and Far Away

Harvest Helpers

I am preparing myself to crawl under the netted protection that will keep all creeping and crawling things out of my bed - and thought more importantly I need the unseen protection of the warriors battling in the spiritual realm for what is going on here in Sri Lanka.

In fact, this is my second attempt to compose these requests so I will keep them to the minimum words & maximum need! We are staying at the same hotel as in July. It is Pleasant, 16 rooms only and good food for a cheap rate($12 including 2 meals) However, yesterday A2 discovered this hotel is used for child prostitution!

Shocked he immediately wanted to contact the authorities only to discover the hotel is owned by a government official so the police do not dare to stop the activity.

You are keeping the battleground full of soldiers and with the victory in sight.

Secure in His arms - but in Sri Lanka .... not so

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Speaking in Tongues

Ratnapura Church Program

The meeting yesterday, with the pastor created a sense of anticipation about our time at his church. A delightful man that looked a bit like a Sinhalese version of Freddy Mercury. Full of laughter, a good sense of humor and lots of excitement about what God is doing in Ratnapura. He gave us a little background on his church (Anglican) and his congregation asking him to stay long past his denominational traditional 4-year tenure. When he came to the area 9 years ago the church had 16 families - it has now grown to 4 churches and 568 families. He spoke of his background as a speaker of Sinhalese, then he went to seminary and learned Tamil - he laughed "now God is using my tongue to preach in new tongues!"

The service/program was spoken in English then translated to Tamil and Sinhalese - it made for a lengthy and interesting expository. A suggested that the congregation split into adults and children - but the pastor laughed and said "Oh, but we are all children - we need to have a childlike heart as little ones of God."

The Anglican service was comparitavely short to what we have been to before at the "Free Churches" our time was restriced as a normal service is only one hour (compared to 3 or 4) Since it was being double translated I shared only the Three Trees story to give Aaron plenty of time.

After, several children said "what - no magic" that is what we came to see

I think Jesus had the same proble with people wanting to see what "tricks" he had.

No magic -

only miracles!

If It's Saturday I Must be in Sri Lanka

Greetings from miles across oceans and eleven hours ahead of where I usually reside!

Harvest work is being done and you are a KEY part in the plowing of fallow ground.

I finally arrived late Friday night in Colombo,weary from all the flying (30 hours) but not too worse for the wear. I was greeted at the airport by Aaron and Elizabeth (who originally intended to hide just to scare me - but thought better of it)right on time. We headed out to the orphanage (it is closer to the airport) and spent a short night there.

Left early (6:30 am) to head to Ratnapura for the program. It stormed most of the night which brought some relief from the heat - but it is still HOT HOT here and very humid.Paul may have had his shipwrecks - but ... the driving here is EXTRAORDINARILY dangerous (and I have seen my fair share of scary driving and roads)

I thank God for the modern technology of DVD players because it keeps those of us foreigners focused on something other than screeming every two minutes when the driver passing on a blind hill curve at 50 miles per hour!

The program today was an educational event designed to bring awareness to parents and children about their rights. In recent months the government has even tried to pass a law to reduce the statuatory rape age from 16 down to 13 because too many men were being prosecuted!! Children need to know they have rights and can protect themselves and make good choices. Over three hundred children and adults were gathered to hear many different speakers - but in the end - you know they just wanted to have some fun and laugh.

I used their teachers to do a skit and they were rolling out of their chairs. Some of you may remember my story about the communist government gentleman from July - he was there again and just as gracious this time to see me and welcome me back to Sri Lanka and their region. We are settled into our hotel (the same one as last time) and will be in this area traveling out from our base camp until Wednesday.

Until all have heard

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Resting in Ratnapura

Safe arrival in Colombo AND - no worries about being "Lost" or "left behind". My associates were waiting dutifully at the airport having had second thoughts about hiding. I exchanged money and braced for the heat and humidity.

We stayed overnight at the orphanage (Samudra Sri) for convenience. Caught up on personal happenings, and had good ole American Kraft Mac and Cheese. Our goal was to leave for Ratnapura by 7:00 am.

Thankfully the DVD was working and watching the series "24" caused the hours pass quickly and distracted us through the dangerous hills and near miss accidents.

We arrived a little late in Ratnapura and the youth program was already in progress. We took our seats on the front row and - 2 hours later made our exit to find a hotel. Seems the one we were going to stay at was quite expensive - two stops and a hilltop lunch later we arrived back for the program.

I did some tricks to wake up the sleepy audience and they had fun.

Off to our former hotel (the Kalvati Resort) to rest before the Pastor of the church we will be at tomorrow arrives. Supper, hot shower, and a few geckos to kill the mosquitoes - what more could one ask?

Singapore Sling Slang Slung

Next stop Singapore

My body feels like one big sweaty swollen toad. My clothes - well what was I thinking wearing a white shirt! I have the aisle seat for the next portion of the flight - I'm sad not to have the wall to prop up my narcotic slumber. But there is the drooling and circulation cessation that will be avoided. I feel every hour of 46 years old. Travel is hard on this old body.

Last leg of the journey - with much to anticipate ahead of me. The days and nights, drives, laughs, smiles collected and recounted for those who support the silliness of this unlikely adventure.

As I tried to post my interesting international intersections - I froze the computer (stupid mac or stupid me) but hitting an "F" key - well "F" this . With my info (interesting as it was) frozen to the screen I had no other choice but to pull the plug!

Alas, no reboot, refresh, restart - the screen remained blank.

And so I left Hong Kong my last look back was to a screen gone dark - "No Muse" is not amusing.

Noodle House Notes


Arrived on time after 14 hours over a large expanse of ocean far below what the darkness would allow me to see. Slept not too well, not too poorly in a cramped space - narcotics ease the discomfort.

The modern airport is a bit confusing - where to go - depart - transfer - limbo

My next flight departs 5 hours from now and so .. no gate assignment yet. I follow the signs in three languages pointing the way to the two most needed "R's" - RESTROOMS - RESTAURANTS

On my way - "Ahha" Internet access. I check the mail and set to send out a new request. This will be a hit the ground running event-filled 20 days so my communiques may be limited.

With the "I" interruption concluded on to my first "R" stop (restroom).

The hand luggage carts are convenient - but for security purposes I pulled mine into the stall with me as I took a "rest" only to discover that I was TRAPPED -

What a predicament! I felt like one of those idiot movers who get a large piece of furniture halfway in halfway out! After a few seconds of panic and resolved manipulations - I was free at last!

Second "R" from where I pen these notes from the Noodle Shop. Fried, boiled, cold, beef, pork, undetermined "mixed" parts. The noodle dish I selected (beef) was more fat that meat so I discreetly had to use my napkin to hide my disappointment.

The pollution outside is heavy, masking the beauty of the boats on Hong Kong bay through a dirty haze. In the hallways pass many international travelers - I wonder what the heck they are doing on the other side of the world? CNN at every stop shows clouds over Sri Lanka - hope the weather holds out for travel..

If not there is always the guaranteed "Sunshine After Rain"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Live and Awake in Hong Kong

Greetings from the future.

I arrived in Hong Kong on FRIDAY at 7:00 am. It was not too bad as far as airplanes go - I was in a three seater window with a seat between myself and the other passenger. I took advantage took my medicine and stretched my legs out.

Tomorrow we will leave early for a 4-5 hour drive to Ratnapura which is in the central region. I still have 9 flight hours to go (4 to Singapore and then 5 to Colombo) I will arrive (and I am assured met at the airport) at 8:45 PM.
Our team:
A - AED administrator, preacher, man on fire for evangelism sums him up best A2 - AED administrator - my translator - heart after God
E - AED intern (one of the young girls who was with me the first part of my trip last July) seeker being tenderized
ME - International clown of mystery! And well it would be rude and vain to get into the rest.

This is WAR - we are in

There are wounded

But we are assured of the our victory!

On her way to the lost in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Superman and Songs Sensed Solo

"it's not easy being me.." Five for Fighting

I think perhaps since Sri - I have become too attached to "Smallville" and the emerging Clark Kent sensibilities.

I tried to make myself comfortable on the shortest leg of my very long long journey back to Sri Lanka. I put my noise reduction headphones on and let the "Five and John" file on my MP3 player begin to echo the familiar lyrics...

"I can't stand to fly, I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find the better part of me.."

The words make me smile - the familiarity of the sound...

...and for the first time since my Smallville obsession began - as I look back over the disappearing city lights of Dallas, I understand I AM out to find "the better part of me". The me who finds herself in strange and diverse places at differing times and changing seasons - bringing good news and joy and the fragrance of life!

The Smallville season opener for 2004 found a Clark who took off flying saying "I am ready to embrace my destiny." As it turned out he was inhabited by his alien father - but he got the experience of shooting through the sky at a supernatural speed. As I took off on this flight I smile - I too, inhabited by my Father's Spirit starting with surety of faith "I'm ready to embrace my destiny."

And though I am aided by the modern machinery of a 747 - it is still a mode of transport Paul could not begin to imagine or embrace!

"Right Far..."

I thought about the movie "Spencer's Mountain" as the plane approached the sprawling city of Los Angeles. I checked the seat pocket in front of me, and handed the half-eaten pretzels, smashed plastic cup and used napkin to the stewardess making her way down the aisle.

I put my seat back "into an upright position" and checked my pocket for my passport and the next flight's boarding pass. As I flipped through the worn over-stamped pages, the passenger who had crowded me all flight infringing frequently and liberally asked "are you going on farther?"

It was then, with the lights twinkling in the distance I thought of Spencer's Mountain. The eldest son of an eldest son in a mountain mining family was boarding a bus bound for his future. The first one to go off to college.

He made his way to the last seat, the bench at the back, under the expansive window. He sat down and looked back at - his mother and father and his 9 brothers and sisters, standing in the road waving a tearful goodbye. As the bus drove away leaving his family in the dusty country road, his co-passenger turned to him and asked a similar question as mine just did...

"going far son?"

To which he replied "right far"

Each time I leave for one of these destinations missions for the King - I see the journey and I think "I am going "right far""!