Thursday, December 24, 2009

Historic Event


It is snowing in Texas!

While those of you who live in other parts of the world or the rest of the US might think of snow only as an inconvenience instead of an event - I can tell you in Texas it is historic.

One news channel canceled all programming today to carry full coverage of the falling flakes. The weathermen reported the facts: only six times in the last 111 years has there been snow in Texas on Christmas (or Christmas Eve) to make for the traditional "dream" of a White Christmas!

All this is even more remarkable for only YESTERDAY the temperature was 72 degrees. The newsmen are out in force interviewing the stunned shivering last minute shoppers. Smiling faces and shattering teeth remark on the snow, "The first time in forever!"

It certainly put me in a real Christmas mood. The first time the Creator of the Universe came to earth, made flesh, dwelling among us.
The first time forever our world was changed.

Wonderful! We could approach Him as an intimate confidant.

Counselor! He is the best and He didn't even go to an Ivy League school to get a degree. He didn't need one - He is Almighty God! The Everlasting Father and the Prince of all Peace!

This day, an "eve" of an historic event, would certainly still be an historic event over 2000 years later, even if it wasn't snowing in Texas.

You may be wondering where I am, what happened after my return from India, what about China? Briefly, the ministry did not receive enough funds to make the trip. In addition, some of the events during my time in India triggered a series of Post Traumatic Stress episodes and I was advised and counseled to postpone any immediate ministry travel plans.

I missed being in China during the holiday season. It is a time of great harvest as many believers have a chance to share the true meaning behind the celebration. But I knew to be an effective minister of the Gospel I must listen and be willing to lay down my desire to "do" the next thing.

This Christmas I am thankful for all the thousands of smiles, love, and joy I have received over the past year. They were never "wrapped" in packages with paper and bows but they remain wrapped in my memory and warm my heart on a cold historic eve in Texas.

Snow may not mean much where you live - but I pray in the ordinariness, the material-ness, the economic stress-ness of this season your heart is reminded of the truly historic event we celebrate.

Dreams do come true!
Smiling on a white Christmas eve