So Long Farewell

Leaving Sri Lanka today! Well, as you may recall from the first email sent from this side of the world it is today BUT technically I leave on Wednesday (1:35am) I am 11 hours behind Central Standard Time. Which means at 2:35pm in the afternoon on TUESDAY stateside I will be boarding a plane (the first of four) and making my way back to the USA.

What a HARVEST! In the last ten days I have seen over 800 children and 400+ adults. Prayed with three women last Sunday to receive the precious gift of salvation, eyewitness to miracles and then some! Thank you for being a BIG part of the work here in Sri Lanka.

Oswald Chambers (who taught foreign missionaries during the first years of the 20th century) said - don't pray over the work you are doing for God - PRAYER IS THE WORK! Thanks for keeping me covered, encouraged, strong, healthy, and safe down DANGEROUS roads.

The work here in Sri Lanka is AMAZING! Pray for workers to come - and help!! So many organizations arrived for the humanitarian outreach - now the doors to allow spiritual outreach are open. This may not last long.

God is faithful and as they say in Africa "good all the time!" It is hard to look upon devastation and destruction and say those words - but we must rely on the truth of His promise to work all things together for the good. This tragedy has brought the world's attention to Sri Lanka. May the people feel His Spirit and experience His true joy.

Smiling in His service!

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