Words Cannot Describe

Greetings again from the other side of the world! It has been such a great encouragement to hear from many of you all across the globe. It makes me very aware of how important prayer is to the ministry and harvest fields as well as the fact truly we are ONE body in Christ.

Today, our group (the family that arrived yesterday) A, myself and A2 (the two directors at the organization) traveled to the southern part of the island. This is where much devastation occurred. Our first stop was at a village totally rebuilt by them The villagers gathered and I gave a performance. It was the FIRST TIME the Good News had been shared with these people. It was an awesome and exciting opportunity to be the first person to break ground there!

We traveled further south where the tsunami hit a train and claimed the lives of over 1500 people. You cannot believe the devastation! Nothing can describe it - so I won't try in this format.

Traveling farther south around the edge of the island to Hamanaboto, 14,000 people lost their lives here. There, we drove past an inland. Once they had removed 2000 bodies - they had to stop because of too much debris.

We are staying at one of the few undamaged hotels in the region - and it has internet! I thought I would take advantage of the access and bring you the latest news from the field. Sitting here at the computer amidst the destruction surrounding me, I feel like a foreign war correspondent sending messages back home.
It has been great to be able to stay connected!

Tomorrow - I will perform at a the local church. T(the family man) will be giving the sermon. Monday we will be hitting the long road home and stopping at a school and bringing a performance there. Since here - I have given the message to over 600 children so far! Each day has it's own joy.

Thanks for being a part of what is happening in Sri Lanka. YOU will see the rewards in the Kingdom. YOU will know the difference your prayers made in bringing down strongholds of darkness.

To Him be the Glory!

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