Arise and Shine

...and then some

After arriving at the "Best Western Hotel and Castle" well after midnight - we fell into bed with no bounce, covered our heads and tried to get some much needed rest while laying down - legs unfolded, neck uncocked, and the drone of the airplane engines a distant ringing in our ears.

A warm shower and fresh clothes took us to the breakfast buffet of "curry and curry and curry". I laughed, the "stranger in a strange land syndrome" is wearing on our white skin, blonde hair, blue-eyed bodies, struggling to communicate, "two coffees with milk, and bottled water." For some reason "cream" doesn't mean the same and our accent for "bottle" is always met with strange glances. Now we wait until our next chariot carts us back to the airport to parts even farther East. Vijawada here we come! Machilipatnam on down the road.

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