Do the Work of an Evangelist

I would be going it alone, so V could try and rest and recuperate enough for the journey to Nellore and flight tomorrow. Loaded with props and tricks, we struck out as the sun began to set across Machilipatnam.

This village was the farthest away from the city and Iknew we would only have a few moments of dusk to conduct the program before the spotlights would go and the invitation to ten thousand bugs would go out.

The Sunday School children shared several songs before I began, but soon enough the program got underway. I wasked the over 100 children gathered in front of me if they had ever seen someone who looked like me (white skinned). They all covered their mouths and laughed while answering, "NO". There were a fair share of village men standing outside the gathered children on the road who would probably say the same thing.

With each "trick" or story, they responded with great clapping and enthusiasm. I presented the Gospel clearly (using a "chage bag") scattering seeds in what appears to be ground ready for a future harvest.

"A sower goes out to sow his seed, some fells by the wayside and the birds came and ate them up. Some fell among the rocks, where there was not much soil, sprouting and then dying because they had no depth. But other fell on good ground and brough fort fruit. Some 100 fold, some 60 fold, and some 30 fold.

Who has ears to hear... " Matthew 13:3-9

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