On Special Assignment

God has a way through His word – one of comfort and encouragement. This morning I was reading 1 Timothy 1:1…”an apostle on special assignment for Christ, our living hope.” All packed up (over packed and over the limit) I am truly on this special assignment. Taking goods, humanitarian aid, fun crafts and games, that will draw a crowd and when the Name of Jesus is lifted up – the scripture promises He will draw them to Him.

Our biggest hurdle will be our flights inside India where the luggage is limited to ONE 40 pound bag. You do the math (I am too anxious) we have 2 50 pound bags and two bags close to 70 pounds. I’m sure you are thinking WHAT are those girls taking. 90% of it will be left behind at the orphanages and with the pastors and villagers. It is WORTH the expense to get items into the country they do not have the resources or availability to acquire.

We are taking no baggage – this belongs to the KING and He takes responsibility for getting it there. Please remind Him of that. We faithfully try to be good stewards and joyful servants without grumbling. He has faithfully sent us out two-by-two. To God be the glory in all we do!

The two workers are on their way to the fields!

Smiling, sowing and reaping
Bringing in the Sheaves (that one was for the smile on M Raley in Florida’s face!)

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