In a Land of Goliaths

...there are plenty of "David's"

Our travel days finally ended and we were eager to begin. Pastor J told us the children of Goodman Orphanage had been praying for our safe journey, knowing we had been on our way since April.

The city of Machilipatnam was not much different than other towns we have seen across India, probably less cars, more bicycles and its fair share of cattle sharing the road with all of the above.

We arrived at the orphanage and were greeted warmly by the children, who were full of anticipation and grins. They laughed at the coloring book, and enjoyed Pastor J's rendition of the wise King, snoring in the garden. After a snack of cookies and tea, V shared the story of David & Goliath. With each question she asked ("Do you know the story of David and Goliath?" "What was different about Goliath?" "What did David do?") the children gave loud, accurate and enthusiastic answers. They even responded correctly (1 Samuel) to where the story could be found in the Bible. We were surprised, there probably aren't too many churched Americans who would respond with such surety.

But in a land with lurking giants of poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease and discrimination, in a small orphan home in Machilipatnam, there are ten children ready to stand firm on the truth of God.

A child can slay the giants scaring the rest of their world away!

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