Arrival in Beijing

Yours, mine and our prayers have been answered. I am in the domestic terminal of the Beijing airport and all my bags are checked through to my next flight to Jinan - NO CHARGE! The men behind the counter kind of shook their heads at the luggage, but my "sky cap" negotiated and they went right on through.

I had the opportunity to sit next to a Chinese man flying home to be with his dying mother. He was eager to engage me in conversation and told me many stories of his mother's tragic and dismal life when she was a child. I got a good history lesson through her life and times as well as a spiritual one. Through the whole discourse of his sharing all that had happened, he related how his mother had horrible life and now she was dying. I kept praying for an opportunity to ask about faith issues, but did not have the discernment to go ahead and do so. It appeared he just needed someone to share the oncoming grief, the life, and his loss and what to do with that.

It made me terribly sad for the millions who die without hope, without the promise of a future. Living a life of a series of good times and tragedies to overcome with stoic indifference. A life without a Savior is a tragedy indeed.

Praise God for giving me the opportunity for the last seven years to come and share the Life, the Hope, the Way, the Truth, and His love to hundreds of University students and orphans. It is a testimony there is more so much more than what we see.

It's Christmas time in the city, here, there and everywhere - go out and share what the REAL Christmas story means to you.

I'll be sharing here.

Smiling, tired and flying on

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