O Come All Ye Faithful

Joyful and triumphant!

Our program is complete here in Jinan. We finished at the University seeing over 200 Doctoral and Master's Degree program students. Each session closed with a question and answer time. In every classroom, students would ask "Why do you go?" This question allows me to answer freely, issues of faith, belief in God, what God asks His followers to do (minister to widows and orphans) as well as speak of the Bible as the guide for a Christian's life.

Today, the Jinan television station interviewed me for their "documentary" on my work here in the city. Because the producer is a believer, she specifically directed the questions to provoke faith and belief in God as the answer. This documentary will be completed before Christmas and shown during the holiday. As with Sunday's televised performance, the potential audience is tremendous. Even one percent of the city is over 60,000 viewers! All hearing the message of hope, love, and truth, driven and inspired by the love of God.
Tomorrow we will travel to the Taian orphanage. It will be a great reunion, seeing the children (many now grown who return for the day to see me again) for the seventh consecutive year.

Sunday, I will leave for Beijing and have a performance in the orphanage on Monday and a large University performance (over 400) on Tuesday. It has been a full two weeks of harvest work, sowing, reaping and praying for the Lord to bring forth the fruit.

Keep up the prayers for the Harvest is HUGE and the workers are few but growing in numbers.

Smiling and farming in His service

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