Returning Home

This is it!

I am finally on my way. Waiting in the Beijing airport that has changed considerably since the last time I was here just one year ago. The government is preparing for the flood of foreigners next year during the Olympics. Buildings and construction is going on everywhere. When I think of the manpower and the human efforts that have taken place to change to entire city of over 10 MILLION people it astounds me.

So much effort to "put on a good face" for the world, when 90% of the population looks for no world beyond this one!

Last night the last performance at the University was attended by over 300 freshman students. They were so receptive, understood all the English (even with my accent) and laughed hysterically at all the antics of a foreign "clown". But one girl in the audience captured my attention. She was sitting about three rows back right near the front and the whole time looked as though she was on the verge of breaking down into tears. I tried to direct my stories and message of hope to her, looking at her directly, touching her as often as I could, I wanted to say something to her after the performance but the students surrounded me for photos with their camera phones and the girl disappeared into the cold winter night. I prayed something she heard changed her despair and hopelessness into belief.

This time of year, many of the students are preparing for their exams. Here education is everything. Parents save their money virtually the entire life of their children, in hopes they will be educated and take care of them in their old age. If not - neither generation has hope. Many students here commit suicide in desperation and shame at disappointing their parents. I prayed this girl was not one of the statistics.

Little by little the world around us changes, whether it is in a foreign field or the person you ran into at the shopping mall and helped out. We DO make a difference. Your PRAYERS are significant. Your heart for seeing the lost come to the Kingdom are being heard.

We visited with the disabled orphans in Beijing and purchased high quality air cleaners for all of the bedrooms. The orphanage is located in an industrial area that must provide their own heating (coal) which is very bad for the lungs of the children. When the director told us the need he explained most of the children stay sick all winter long because of the air quality. Your contributions for this humanitarian relief will make a great impact in their overall condition this winter. New shoes were also purchased for all of the children and will be given to them Christmas day.

This trip has been a bountiful and ground-breaking harvest. Providing therapeutic equipment for the children with CP in Jinan, air quality for the orphans in Beijing, and special Christmas requested items for the orphans in Taian. You are practicing pure religion this season - by providing for orphans on the other side of the world.

Let's keep up the good work for 2008. The year of new beginnings. I can't wait to see what new and exciting places and faces HE is interested in sharing and showing us in the coming days.

You have been partakers in the bringing down of centuries old strongholds and the enemy does not take the battle lightly.

Remember - we are MORE than conquerors. We are riding in with Him - His name Emmanuel is our hope, our future, and our promise.

God with us
And we can be sure He is smiling!
Flying - in His service

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