Going Public!

We have a story to tell, we have a job to accomplish and we have been sent in behind the lines into dangerous territory. The registered church here has arranged to have a "Public" performance in a hotel tomorrow with every form of media present and every local TV station represented. There will be over 300 in the live audience, many hearing the real meaning of Christmas for the first time. Not only with the 300 people present "hear" but portions of the show will be broadcast all over the province (92 million) as well as the city (close to 6 million). Now of course of with all those big big numbers not everyone has a TV or an opportunity. But even if only ten percent of the population of the CITY (the capital) watch the program (for their children's sake") that is still 600,000 people!

Many adults will be bringing their children to the performance but for the first time they will be exposed to a "message" of hope, truth, and love.

Pray for the translator to communicate without fear and for me to speak with discernment but not hold back His story to make HISTORY here in Jinan.

Today was my fifth year to visit the disabled children's home in Jinan. Many of the children have grown so tall, they all were so excited to see me again (last year my visit was canceled after the accident) We sang together, took photos, and they heard the story of CHRISTmas with the help of an old fashioned flannel graph.

I will close with a letter from an American family who adopted a little girl from the orphanage over a year ago. They contacted me via the Internet before the adoption while I was in Sri Lanka when they found their little darling girl's picture on my website. Their message brought to mind HIS promise "I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." His plan for every person (orphans or not) is for us to know His love. Our future and only hope was once surrounded by shepherds and animals, lying in a manger. He did not come down a chimney or say "ho ho ho."

"Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, and take them to heaven to live with Thee there."

Boldly smiling in His army

FROM Adopting family in New Jersey

We were so pleased to see you are once again visiting our daughter Ruby's orphanage in Jinan. Our prayers are with you, you seed sower. We have been home with Ruby just over 15 months and she has accepted our Lord Jesus as her Savior. She is in the hospital this week recovering from surgery to enhance her speech due to cleft issues. She has been telling everyone how comes into her room about having Jesus in her heart and praying for her surgery. Keep sowing the seeds and His harvest shall be great.

Please let the Jinan SWI director know that FU SHAUNG YUE sends her love and misses them, that she is happy in America and prays for placement for all the children waiting.

God Bless You

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