Flight Plan

I needed a mundane movie to take my mind off the long hours of flying discomfort, knee strain and general complaints that accompany post 9/11 fliers.

In spite of a promised "long wait" on Netflix - "Flight Plan" was sent to my doorstep the night before my departure. The story: a woman a big plane and a missing child. The crew proceeds to deal with her hysteria, her knowledge of the plane and of course the daughter no one else has seen?

Is she crazy? Grieving over the death of her husband? Has she been taking drugs?

It made me wonder what my "Flight Plan" would be in the face of pending disaster or looming crisis?

Many of the celluloid passengers just sat, stared and gave dirty looks at the inconvenience of having to stay strapped in while the plane was searched. They even applauded when she was put in handcuffs and led back to her seat. The tension mounts as she escapes - causes even more inconvenience and the big "reveal"! The FBI agent was plotting all along to extort $50 million dollars! Clever, yes, but he underestimated the women's passion to find her lost daughter.

I am reminded of our Master's lesson - would the shepherd leave the 90 and 9 to find the one?

He came to seek and save that which was lost. I know He has more passion than an actress playing out grief and despair in a made up movie.

I know because He says He does. As well acted and dramatized as the scenes were over a mother grieving for a lost child, the loss and sadness our Father feels is so much greater. So great is His desire to search for the lost and broken in the world - He shared His passion through "gifts" - calling saints to the Harvest fields to labor and toil, to show His love to tell of His sacrifice.

My Ghana "Flight Plan" is to be reminded of the passion of a mother who would not give up the fight for her daughter - to see that as encouragement in meeting lost school children, orphans and villagers.

We can be assured, the King will not stop until all who are called hear His voice and respond. I plan to keep going right to the end.

Thanks for seeing me off on the wings of your prayers.

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