Jets Still Lag

“Up with the chickens” was a phrase used when I was growing up to mean being awake long before you wanted to be. My circadian rhythms, after two days are still not quite adjusted, so my eyelids were closing around 9:00 pm and my brain began functioning at 4:00 am…

and so were the chickens!

Outside in the dark, cheeps and chirps began to keep me from returning to a reasonable state of sleep. No alarm clock had sounded for the poultry, but they knew their day had begun. I knew my sleep had ended.

What is it about our internal clock? The one God sets inside each of His creatures, the life, birth and death cycles?

I heard of a new invention to help you wake up. It actually monitors your alpha rhythms, so that when you are in deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement), it will let you keep sleeping, but when you are close to alert, it will wake you up.

Sounds like a good idea for kids – because they always want another five minutes. My body may still be set to Central Standard Time, but my heart is working on God’s Ghana time.

I am alert, I am awake, I am ready for all God has in store for this day.

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