GHANA West Africa

Operation Christmas Child

What would it be like to be given a gift so BIG you could hardly carry it?

The African children who receive gift boxes provided by Samaritan’s Purse have such a problem. Some walk over 5 miles to claim their Operation Christmas Child package filled with unimaginable goodies sent from a land they cannot begin to imagine. What did they do to deserve such riches? Will they share with their family and friends?

Precious Saints, WE have received a gift too BIG to carry but not difficult to share; the gift of salvation through Christ! What did we do to deserve such riches? How often do we share? How far are we willing to “walk” to tell others?

On February 23, I will return to Ghana West Africa to participate in my 6th distribution of “gifts” to over 13,000 children! Many adults watch the program, and hear the Gospel. Each day, before passing out the boxes, we proclaim the Good News through stories and tricks, after, an evangelistic message and invitation is presented by a local African Pastor. THOUSANDS receive Christ as their Savior! Tens of thousands hear the Word and seeds are planted.

To participate in this Harvest you do not have to walk miles. You do not have to wait in 100°+ heat to be handed a box filled with curious delights from a far country. The King is giving you the opportunity through Sunshine After Rain Ministries. Reap the rewards of the African Harvest with obedience, prayer and generous financial support.

You can now donate online by credit card at:

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