With the advent and availability of internet access it is easy to "Googgle-up" statistics of all kinds. As I was waiting on the tarmac, taking in the sights of the airplane next to mine covered with desert sands, listening to the African and its often harsh but melodious sounds, even smelling the heat of the climate already.

I find myself here on the other side of the world - wondering...

How many people were in tranist from one place to another on behalf of the Kingdom? Flying on trips to Moscow, we would often meet up with other teams of people going, coming, sowing seeds. The flights to China now carry many "rescuers" of abandonded Chinese babies, Moscow flights have a fair share and one run in particular is dubbed the "baby flight".

You can easily obtain the information on how many people are in the "air" at any given time - there are lots of statistics available on numbers of missionaries. I'm glad to be counted in that number of those who seek the lost, carry the word, sow fallow ground with love and joy.

We don't need to wear a banner or a signifying T-Shirt. Jesus specifically told His followers - they will know you by how you love.

Sometimes you will be known by the songs you sing in an airplane!

"Let all the nations Praise Him!"

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