A World Vision Vision

“I’m coming to the party, You’re throwing for me..” Psalm 40

We all could have easily sung the chorus of the Little Drummer Boy with conviction, “I have no gift to bring, parum pa pum pum”. The first day of the distribution was set to have 3000 children receive boxes – but the boxes were not released from the port. Ohene Kumi, our African pastor and liaison, did have a chance to contact the schools and make sure we didn’t have 3000 disappointed faces, but the dignitaries, journalists and around 200 secondary school children did come to the distribution site.

Gathered under the makeshift canopy, they listened to the formal introductions, as well as the formalities of thanking powers that be AND the Almighty God. Allan spoke first, and gave an invitation to the Kingdom, to which about a dozen responded. I gave and even shorter program and the kids laughed, clapped and tried to overcome the let down of not leaving with something in hand.

But, this is the land of the “let down”. As we were complaining about the electricity, the errant air-conditioning, and snacking on American imported Pringles, outside the comfort of our van we drove through the dirt roads, where people’s lives are lived in the dirt. They sleep in the dirt, they walk in the dirt, many without shoes, and they literally, “eat our dust” as we pass by.

This is a land of “futureless” plans. If they live through the day, eat for the day, earn enough for the day – it has been a good day. The night brings fire for light and some relief from the suns relentless heat. The children may have had some disappointment for the day, but hear in Ghana, sometimes seeing another day is a good day.

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