Honorable (Of Stump and Circumstance)

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ.” 2 Cor 5:20

It has been an interesting week in the company of a politician. It’s easy to forget his position, as he dines with us, makes jokes, takes delight in the young girl on our team, always referring to her as his daughter and being sure she has enough to eat and drink and if she feels okay. However, the reminder of his status comes as he travels around HO with his entourage (the press, and camera man to film his activities). Among the nationals he is always addressed as “Honorable.”

By the end of the week, we have practically memorized the Ghana national anthem and pledge of allegiance. He has asked the school children at each and every stop to sing and recite. He has made a speech as well. Explaining his responsibility to his constituents, and bringing Samaritan’s Purse to the area is directly his doing (through APF Ministries as well). The experience definitely confirmed, I don’t ever (not that my past would allow) want to run for any kind of political office. Too much to be “fixed” with too many promises prone to be broken once the campaign “trail” is finished.

Members of Parliament here in Ghana are not just on the other side of the world or political spectrum than their American counterparts. There are no 20 million dollar bankrolls to fund their campaigning efforts, no private jets or cars, or much else that can be compared, perhaps there are some kinds of lobbyists, they seem to be multiplying everywhere?

These lawmakers and government sustainers are dealing with the basic human needs, clean water, education, and health care. They are representing a human population forgotten and unseen by the West, living in mud huts, carrying babies on their back with 20 pounds of water on their heads and walking three miles to their home, where they build fires, slaughter an occasional chicken and live with one of the lowest life expectancies on earth.

The funny similarity, however, is that the “Honorable’s” car is recognized in the villages. As we would pass through on the rutted, rugged dirt roads, he had his window rolled down, waving at his “constituents. Women who were selling roadside wares, would jump up, applaud and run after the car waving like they had seen Elvis!

His message to the teachers and to the children was one of positive encouragement. “Stay in school”. He did not make John Kerry’s mistake by adding “or you will wind up stuck in Iraq”, because all these people had to do was look around and see they are already stuck in a war. A war to survive one more day. They are not fighting with bullets, but with education. Their terrorists and enemies are not extremists or suicide bombers. What kills them DAILY, is poverty, lack, AIDS, and the blindness and “ignorant bliss” of the West to their plight.

It has been an honor, to walk with eyes open to help serve the need, to share the love, and to be an “Ambassador” working with a Member of Parliament, the “Honorable” Retired Captain George Nfojoh.

“see a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings…” Prov 22:29

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