Texas has had its share of winter this year, although nothing compared to the folks in New York who have been buried under 115 inches of snowfall. Weather forecasters began predicting heavy thunderstorms on the Friday before I was scheduled to leave. O could only pray the bad weather stayed to the east of DFW until LH439 had time to take off at 4:20!

“Monday, Monday, can’t touch that day…” turned out to be a good day to fly. Although by no means was I traveling light. I had my three suitcases (but only one was over the ruled allowance of 50 lbs.), carry on filled with magazines for in-flight entertainment, iPod charged and ready, extra change of clothes, liquids in Ziplocs and a good pair of shoes.

A and P said this could be their last distribution which means it is probably my last as well. Oh well… They are focusing their work on Joni and Friends and the rest they will have to tell me about when I arrive.

Our flight was only briefly delayed at DFW, and the skies around us had cleared (for take-off). The plane was not full at all, so once again I had two seats to give me more options on uncomfortability than usual. There are many Indians on this flight and many of those children. Soon enough my schedule will return me to the land of saffron and curry.

As we climbed higher in altitude, we did hit quite a bit of turbulence as we went through the menacing thunderstorms approaching Dallas. But once we had climbed high enough through the altitude, it was smooth sailing – a good time to relax and settle in for the “long winter nap”.

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