“Great multitudes were gathered together” Matt 13:2

No matter how many times I stand before a crowd of eager African children, the site still takes my breath away! Thousands of upturned faces, straining to see over those in front of them, edging ever closer and closer until a veritable shoving match ensues and then those closest to the front start to trip and fall, and out come the switches of the teachers trying to contain the crowd and the unruliness.

Our first morning started out bumpy, due to late trucks and difficult load ups. But when we arrived the crowds were waiting. It is hot here in HO, and with the added dust in the air kicked up by 8,000 moving feet – well… it quickly makes for unbearable, bearable only through Christ who continues to strengthen us all. The longer the program takes the more the word spreads through the town and more village children and parents show up.

“Madame, where is my box?”. The multitudes showed up for Jesus. The Word tells us He was moved with compassion for they were like “sheep without a shepherd.” (Mark 6:34) Even then, Jesus knew many would walk away from His presence “without a shepherd.” He knew healing, full bellies, wisdom and promises wouldn’t change their hearts. We are offering not only a small physical token, but a greater gift of His love to these, we are laboring to serve.

“God’s bright glory has risen for you. The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, all the people sunk in deep darkness. But God rises on you. His sunrise glory breaks over you. Nations will come to your light; kings to your sunburst brightness. Look up! Look around! Watch as they gather…” Isaiah 60:1-4

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