A Long Day Into Night Into Day Into Africa

The arrival into Frankfurt was slightly delayed, but even with the delay – it was for the most part just another landing to be followed by another take off and another landing. The time between the two flights was short and by the time I made the first trek down to the wrong gate, caught the train back to the right one, it was close to boarding time. I stopped in the lounge for a drink of water, refreshments and Senator sensibilities, whatever they may prove themselves to be.

I fear I lost my glasses on the last flight all that room to move around also gave me room to drop my drugs, scramble for those and in the process glasses disappeared. I am thanking God, I have an extra pair tucked into my suitcase.

After my “Blood Diamond” breakdown, I am nervous and anxious to see and feel the impact of Africa – the grievous situation the west has ignored or exploited for whatever suites the politics of the day.

Until Friday, I would have thought Ghana was one of the most advanced of the African nations, but as “He” would have it – the Oprah Show was on Ghanaian slave labor in the Volta region. One mother, moved by the story eventually rescued seven children and took them to the Village of Hope. (I thought could it be the same Village of Hope?) When they finally showed the photos and the director – it was one in the same! I was so proud to be part of something and to be known by the children and house parents. God is good all the time!

I would like to take the video tape to them but it is quite a way from Tema and it would be difficult to be sure. I was disappointed “O” did not focus on more of the woman’s work. She really focuses on ministry and hope of God – not hope of O.

We only have one way to address the overwhelming problems facing the world today. It has nothing to do with marketing, communication or publicist. It is a task mankind cannot and will never solve. It will take a King to do the job – and I’ve heard it said – He is on the way.

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