A Call to the Heights

"So, my dear Christian friends, companions in following this call to the heights..." Hebrews 3:1

Looking out the window from my hotel in Nellore, India it doesn't look too high from the fourth floor. It has been ten months since my last visit here. So much is familiar, but there is something about memory the softens the reality.

I remembered it is loud. But arriving after midnight, I forgot just HOW loud it always is. The horns never stop, commerce goes on well into the night (bananas for sale at 4am) and the food - it is not just spicy - it is down right HOT!

Thank you for your prayers marking the steps of my long journey here. I arrived without incident and so did all my luggage. The car ride was fast and furious - but I survived and as far as I know so did all cows, cats and dogs that we passed along the way.

Today, I am getting acclimated and organized while Pastor Benhur performs the wedding for his niece. There is a team of Americans from East West (EW) here, but I didn't see them at the breakfast "hot chili" buffet. Pastor Benhur reported last night four of the team had been sick but are recovering. It is hard NOT to be afflicted by something unusual here. Pray for their recovery and a strong immune system in place for me. I have a long way to go before I return to a breakfast that does not include curry.

The EW team visited the leper beggars, but Benhur said "They are asking where is our sister?" He assured them I am on the way. How it warmed my heart to know they have remembrance and fondness for a fair skinned, fair haired girl from a distant land.

Friends, we are called to the "heights." But the heights of the Lord are found among the poor, the lame, the outcast, and yes, the lepers. The night before our King's last night on earth, He spent it dining in the home of Simon THE LEPER. He was not honored in a palace or 4 star restaurant. He found honor among those the world had cast out.

Here I am in the heights of India. Let us walk this tight-rope of faith with confidence He serves not only as our balance but our net in case we fall.

Taking a deep breath
Admiring the view with a smile

PS. India is 11 and a 1/2 hours ahead of CST. To make a quick calculation of where I am on my side of the world just subtract 30 minutes from your time (CST) and change your am to pm or pm to am.
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